Oct 15, 2021
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Yulia Snigir admitted that she was ashamed of her appearance


38-year-old actress Yulia Snigir spoke about her shortcomings.

The star of the series “The Good Man” has been graceful since childhood. However, at the beginning of her career, she seized stress and gained pounds. Julia quickly returned to her previous parameters. Many believe that the artist has overdone her figure. However, the audience’s favorite has its own opinion on this matter. She gained confidence in her own attractiveness. It turns out that she was previously missing.

There was such a Brazilian TV series (terribly popular in my childhood, but I don’t remember its name). There one of the heroines was called skinny. And in honor of her, they gave me such a nickname at school. I was terribly complex and never wore a mini, never. Shy about her thin legs and white skin. I don’t know what happened – maybe age (or maybe the role of Margarita worked that way), but I got rid of this nickname. It doesn’t hurt me anymore. I like myself“, – admitted the TV personality.

Yulia Snigir
Semi-nude Julia Snigir

Snigir is considered one of the brightest representatives of Russian cinema. A tall, slender and charismatic actress gets the roles of fatal beauties and seductresses. The heart of the leading actress in the TV series “Great” is occupied. She is married to colleague Yevgeny Tsyganov. The chosen one often compliments his wife. “My man laughs that in 20 years I will start wearing leather shorts and short tops. Let’s see“, – Julia sarcastically.

The heroine of Valery and Konstantin Meladze’s video “My Brother” received support from fans. They urged Snigir to be proud of elegance, which is so difficult to achieve.

I wonder what kind of legs to wear a mini with, if not with those ?! “,” Very beautiful slender legs !!! Fashion for hypertrophied large body parts is overrated “,” Very expressive legs !!! And not sticks at all !!! The most attractive forms “,” You should be on the podium! Always love and appreciate yourself ”,“ I would like to be thin. But, apparently, not destiny … We were weirdos … Childhood!“- wrote the followers.

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