Jan 13, 2022
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Yulia Savicheva spoke about the problems with her husband


Singer Yulia Savicheva admitted that she began to lose weight because of criticism.

The singer began dating musician Alexander Arshinov two years before she came of age. According to 34-year-old Yulia Savicheva, her mother and father immediately approved of her choice.

The participant of Eurovision-2004 and her chosen one have been happy together for more than 18 years, seven of them are officially married. The couple have a 4-year-old daughter Anna. Savicheva admitted that at the age of 16 she met her future husband. Two years later, the lovers decided to live together. The pop star was worried that her parents would make a scandal for her. However, their reaction surprised her.

After all, I came very early to the family to my future husband. As soon as I turned 18, I was already right there, in his apartment. I am glad that my parents did not forbid it, although I was so nervous when I came to negotiate with them. They said, “You can’t get out of it anyway. We have already prepared for this. It’s all right, go ahead.” They are modern people”, Julia assured.

Over the years of living together, lovers have experienced crises several times. Julia broke up with Alexander, but returned to him two months later, and soon the couple got married.

Julia Savicheva with her husband
Julia Savicheva with her husband

The singer assured that she had never faced prohibitions and control from her mother and father. According to the star, her parents perceived her as an adult and respected her decisions.

My parents let me have a glass of wine. It was right, because if they forbid, especially in adolescence, then some kind of insane party begins with their peers. Mostly teenagers are looking for companies where they can. I was all right“, – admitted the former ward of Max Fadeev.

However, in her teenage years, the graduate of Star Factory-2 faced anorexia. The artist began to complex because of her weight after a careless comment from a relative. For two years, Julia brought herself to exhaustion. By the age of 15, she weighed 37 kilograms.

I came to Moscow from my grandmother and showed the photos we took in Kurgan. One of the relatives or acquaintances looked at these photos, and reacted to one of them like this: “God, what cheeks you have here.” It seemed to me at that moment that they called me fat. I started to cut portions, and then excluded some products. As a result, no one could force me to eat. I exhausted myself with exercises, ran on an empty stomach. Deviations have begun“, Savicheva admitted in the YouTube show “Together”.

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