Oct 14, 2021
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Yulia Savicheva faced hatred after confessing miscarriage


Singer Yulia Savicheva is shocked by people who do not understand what it means to lose a child.

The artist has two pregnancies, one of which ended in miscarriage. Yulia Savicheva was very worried about the loss of a long-awaited baby and for a long time bypassed this topic.

With his chosen one, musician Alexander Arshinov, Savicheva is already 18 years old. The lovers have long dreamed of a child and were happy when they learned that they would soon become parents. But in the early stages of pregnancy, Julia lost her baby.

Yulia Savicheva
Yulia Savicheva

My husband, mother-in-law saved me. The first three days were so difficult that I cannot convey it. After my first frank interview on this topic, many said, they say, I beg you, some women have 3-4 abortions and do not even remember it, but here it happened once and then at a very short time, and she sits and suffers. I think, “What planet are you guys from?” When it doesn’t work out for a long time, and then everything happens, and you understand that nothing will happen …“- complains 34-year-old performer in the YouTube show” Historis – Open, David! “

In July 2017, Yulia Savicheva and her husband nevertheless became parents – they had a daughter, Anya. Today the girl lives in Portugal with the singer’s parents.

Anya inherited the talent of her grandfather Bori. He was an artist, his paintings hang in our house. The daughter loves to draw terribly. For her three years old, this is amazing. Anya is very creative, she is in the Savichev breed. Her love for books is from her dad, my husband. The mother-in-law is engaged with Anya. The daughter already knows all the letters of the alphabet“, – said the artist a year ago.

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