Sep 12, 2020
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Yulia Rainer, a participant of the Voice show, who shot down a man to death, escaped punishment

16:11, 09/11/2020

The fatal traffic accident occurred on February 17, 2019.

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In February 2019, a number of media outlets spread the news that the participant in the fourth season of the show "Voice" Julia Rainer knocked down to death Ruslana Yugaya... According to sources, the singer was driving along the Leningradskoye Highway in her BMW X6 and hit a taxi driver who was inspecting a broken car. The man died from his injuries.

It is worth noting that Rainer then immediately tried to escape from the scene of the fatal accident. However, an hour later she was detained by the traffic police. It is noteworthy that the participant of the "Voice" was then harassed because she did not stay next to the injured driver, but decided to avoid punishment.

Julia Rainer, who knocked down a man to death, escaped criminal punishment

For more than two years this story was not remembered. However, today there were reports in the media that Julia Rainer, who shot down a taxi driver, managed to escape punishment. On September 8, the criminal case against the ex-participant of the "Voice" was closed. Moreover, the decision states that the investigation failed to establish the person subject to responsibility, although the same materials stated that it was Rainer who hit the 36-year-old taxi driver Ruslan Yugai.

“From the very beginning it was not a consequence, but a mockery. I live in Domodedovo, and my wife and I were told not by the police, but by journalists about the death of our son. And this is only on the second day. He told me that day that the perpetrator of the accident was this singer, that they had already detained her, they had interrogated her. That the matter is trifling and that the trial is about to take place, ”said the father of the deceased Yugai. According to the source, during the time that the investigation was being conducted, Yulia managed to reject her confession, saying that she was sitting in her jeep in the passenger seat. However, she could not remember who was driving the car.

It is noteworthy that in the end the investigation established that on that ill-fated day, not a single camera at the accident site was working. The father of the deceased driver was outraged that no one in the end bothered to restore the path of the SUV and find at least some recordings from other cameras to find out who was responsible for the fatal accident. "Well, suppose it was not Yulia who was driving, which, of course, is complete nonsense, but why then are the investigators not looking for the culprit of the accident?" - "KP" quotes the father of the deceased driver.

Mikhail Efremov at the scene of the accident

Recall that last Tuesday the verdict was announced to Mikhail Efremov, who turned out to be a defendant in a similar criminal case. As you know, on June 8, the 56-year-old artist got behind the wheel of his car in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, which led to his collision with 57-year-old Sergei Zakharov. As a result of the accident, the second driver died from his injuries, and Efremov was put under house arrest at the time that the investigation was underway.

From August 10 to September 3, almost every day, the Presnensky District Court held hearings on the resonant case of Mikhail Olegovich. On Tuesday, the honored artist of Russia was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in a general regime penal colony.

Mikhail Efremov was sentenced to eight years in a general regime penal colony

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