Sep 19, 2022
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Yulia Peresild was back in Baikonur


Actress Yulia Peresild intrigued fans by sharing a photo from Baikonur against the backdrop of a rocket.

Julia Peresild posted a photo on her social media blog that caused a stir among her fans. The fact is that the popular actress is posing against the backdrop of a spaceship in Baikonur. Naturally, many people had a question: what is happening, is Peresild really flying into space again?

The actress explained that although her heart stops and skips and she would like to be in space again, but, alas, she has already given her word to her children, so there is no chance. The fact is that they were very worried about their mother, so the actress promised that she would not make them worry again. It’s just that now in September she has an unusual tradition.

Yulia Peresild and Anton Shkaplerov at Baikonur
Yulia Peresild and Anton Shkaplerov at Baikonur

Hello from Baikonur! As my bro Klim Shipenko joked: “My friends and I have such a tradition: every September 18 we go to Baikonur!” The heart is beating! Rocket on the launch pad! The children asked me not to fly into space anymore, I promised them. So, I won’t. Although the rocket is very seductive”, the actress signed the picture, taking a picture with the commander.

Recall that the Russian actress Yulia Peresild became the first actress to fly into space in order to shoot 40 minutes of screen time for the film by Klim Shipenko in real conditions. It happened on October 5 last year. Then Yulia Peresild and the director, in the company of cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, went to the International Space Station to shoot the film “The Challenge”.

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