Sep 4, 2022
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Yulia Peresild showed grown daughters on Knowledge Day


Actress and cosmonaut Yulia Peresild shared a rare photo of Anna and Maria in honor of September 1st.

On the eve of the social networks of the stars were filled with pictures dedicated to the Day of Knowledge. Among others, Yulia Peresild shared a memorable photo. The actress was photographed with her beloved daughters: 13-year-old Anna and 9-year-old Maria.

For the solemn line, Anna chose a dark dress with a snow-white lace collar, and Maria chose comfortable shorts and a polo.

Julia Peresild with her daughters
Julia Peresild with her daughters

My beauties went to the third and seventh grade. Good luck to you“, – said Yulia.

Also, the star of the film “Battle for Sevastopol” congratulated the fans on September 1. She wished parents “strength, patience and a desire for knowledge”, and teachers and students – “mutual understanding, a sense of humor, the ability not to be offended by trifles, forgive each other and often praise with or without reason.”

By the way, the release date of the film “The Challenge”, which was filmed in space, has been named. The picture will appear on the air in the spring on Channel One. “The first space film “Challenge” starring Yulia Peresild will be released on April 12, 2023“, said the general director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst.

The picture was filmed in real space and today is a unique project of the country’s main channel. “We have the last shooting on the ground next week, although in Baikonur. And on April 12 next year, the film “The Challenge” will be released in theaters.“, – quotes Ernst the First.

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