Jan 7, 2021
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Yulia Peresild said that her 11-year-old daughter from Alexei Uchitel organized a New Year’s family photo session herself

15:21, 07.01.2021

The actress called for maintaining independence in children.

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11 year old Anna – the daughter of Julia Peresild and Alexei Uchitel, growing up as a creative and capable child. As her mother-actress noted, the girl has plasticity, a talent for dancing and singing. Anna herself maintains her microblogging on Instagram, and last year she made her debut as an actress.

Today Julia Peresild wished everyone a Merry Christmas, boasting of the surprise that her 11-year-old daughter made for the New Year. “We keep our fists so that everyone feels good, light and warm! Merry Christmas. Get inspired for the good and the beautiful! Share your love generously with the World! Give it back! Give joy! Bring the World! Love people! Far and near! Goodbye to imperfections! And all this will return space to you! and thanks to my Anka for organizing this photo session for the finale of the year, yes, the child called me and said: “Mom, you have nothing to do, you are tired, I will do everything myself!” And what a shock I was when, when I arrived at the studio, I saw that makeup artists and a photographer were waiting for a hundred and everything was organized, Anka agreed on everything – let the children show independence! ” – said Julia in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes – Prim. line.). Julia’s colleagues, actresses Julia Khlynina and Elena Valyushkina, admired Anna’s abilities in the comments to the post.

Anna Peresild made a New Year’s surprise for mom

By the way, the youngest daughter of Julia Maria at the age of eight she already made her debut as an actress in Teacher’s film “Choi”. There she played the role of the son of Viktor Tsoi, although in the film the character’s name is not Sasha, but Zhenya. It is noteworthy that Julia was against the filming of Masha. The artist resisted this idea to the last, and as a result, her daughter was taken to the casting secretly. As a result, Yulia proudly announced that her eight-year-old daughter had worked with dignity on the set, fulfilling all the director’s requirements. The girl bravely endured 15 night shifts, and even diving in cold water.

Last year, both Peresild’s daughters made their debut as actresses.

Recall that 36-year-old Yulia Peresild is raising two daughters from 69-year-old Alexei Uchitel – 11-year-old Anna and eight-year-old Maria. Rumors about the paternity of the married director circulated until 2017. Then the actress confirmed the relationship of Anna and Maria with Alexei Efimovich. Almost immediately after her statement, Peresild began to publish photos with her daughters, whose faces she had previously hidden, to go out with the heiresses and talk about them in interviews. By the way, Teacher has been married to a producer for many years Kiro Saksaganskaya, who in 1993 gave birth to a son, Ilya.

Alexey Uchitel does not hide his relationship with the daughters of Julia Peresild

It is worth noting that Peresild herself emphasizes that she gave birth to children for herself, and not in order to force her lover to leave the family. Julia noted that she never deliberately concealed her romance with the Teacher. People in a narrow circle knew about this, who were involved in the actress’s personal life. However, she did not plan to advertise her family life and make it public.

By the way, Peresild celebrated the New Year not in the company of the Teacher, but with the children in the circle of friends. “16 adults, 8 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats in one House are all alive, healthy and happy!” – she said after meeting the main winter holiday. During the holidays, the actress showed how fun and perky she rides down the mountain on a tubing.

Julia Peresild met 2021 with friends and with children

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