Aug 3, 2022
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Yulia Menshova told what happened to Maxim Galkin


Actress and presenter Yulia Menshova spoke about the situation.

Maxim Galkin, who lives abroad, has become a traitor in the eyes of many Russians because of his position on what is happening in the world. TV presenter Yulia Menshova tried to find an excuse for the spouse of the Diva.

For almost half a year, the 46-year-old showman has been living abroad and giving concerts around the world. Galkin is not going to Russia yet, because few people are waiting for him here …

Maxim Galkin and I worked for some time. I know very little about him. But I know the rumors about what happened to him before his departure. Maxim published a black window on the social network, then his concerts in Russia began to be canceled. I know how the touring business works. The distributors were pressured to cancel Maxim’s concerts. Next, the nuts began to tighten”Shared her thoughts, 53-year-old Yulia Menshova in her YouTube show.

Maksim Galkin - photo from the archive -
Maxim Galkin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Maxim himself complains that he suddenly lost his job on Channel One and advertising contracts. At the same time, the artist does not hesitate to spread fake information about the actions of the Russian army.

I believe that Galkin should be recognized for life as an undesirable person in Russia. He himself will not return, although he promises. But he understands that it is better not to do this. The law must be the same for all! There was a precedent when comedian Idrak Mirzalizade was kicked out of the country, not allowed to earn money in Russia, for a “joke” about Russian people. And Galkin’s “jokes” are below the plinth – and offend the Russian people.

When Galkin is recognized as a lifelong undesirable person in Russia, and he will not be able to enter here, his tours abroad and earnings will gradually come to naught. The public does not go to humor – to see how the former official humorist grimaces from the stage, treated kindly by TV channels and the public, whom he betrayed”, – deputy Roman Khudyakov shared about the actions of the showman.

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