Nov 19, 2021
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Yulia Menshova regretted not taking her husband’s surname


Actress and presenter Yulia Menshova spoke about her marriage.

The artist, having married, did not part with the surname of her famous father. Yulia Menshova, 52, admitted that she considers this decision a mistake.

The star of the TV series “Balzac Age, or All the Men Are Free …” married actor Igor Gordin in 1996. The couple are raising two children – 23-year-old Andrey and 18-year-old Taisiya. During the wedding, Menshova did not want to take her husband’s surname, because she did not want to lose the popularity she had earned over the years.

Why did not we even have this question. Maybe because mom had her own surname, and dad had his own, or maybe because in the acting profession you need to somehow differ. It didn’t occur then“, – explained Yulia.

The relationship of the star couple cannot be called cloudless. After the birth of their daughter, Julia and Igor parted for five years. In 2008, the couple resumed family life. Now Menshova admitted that her decision not to take her husband’s surname was wrong.

Yulia Menshova with her family
Yulia Menshova with her family

Now I’m sorry, by the way. During our family life, when the children were young, this was an incredible amount of paperwork. I had to carry my birth certificate with me all the time to prove that they were my children. It was stupidity, it was necessary to take“, – said the TV personality.

The daughter of director Vladimir Menshov eventually realized that changing her surname would not affect the development of her career. “Moreover, this would not in the least prevent me from staying with my last name Menshova on the screen. That would be my creative nickname. But according to my passport, I would have been on the name of my husband, which would greatly facilitate our life“, – Julia admitted.

Julia is the only child in the family of director Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova. The TV presenter claims that she did not use family ties for her career and achieved success on her own. This year, Menshova’s parents contracted a coronavirus infection. Vera Valentinovna managed to cope with the disease, and Vladimir Valentinovich died two weeks after hospitalization.

The actress spoke about the state of the movie star. “Mom is healthy and works very hard. This is great, because now it helps her to be distracted a lot. She should be vaccinated in January“, – assured Yulia.

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