Jan 2, 2022
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Yulia Menshova published a New Year’s family photo and remembered her father


TV presenter Yulia Menshova shared a photo with her husband, children and mother and spoke about how to survive the loss and appreciate what is.

Yulia Menshova is the only daughter of People’s Artist of Russia Vera Alentova and Oscar-winning director, People’s Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Menshov. After the death of her father, the actress rarely shares the details of the family’s life with her subscribers. On New Year’s Eve, Menshova published a post on Instagram, in which she urged fans to take care of family and friends.

The family got together on the occasion of the New Year, a rare shot. Yulia Menshova, in her congratulations to the subscribers, admitted that the “shock wave” after her father’s death made her work hard, the actress “went into a deep hole” and rarely appeared in public.

Yulia Menshova with her husband, children and mother Vera Alentova
Yulia Menshova with her husband, children and mother Vera Alentova

Now they often write to me: “I lost my father this year … my mother … my brother … How to survive, how to cope?” To be honest, I don’t know … But what is always in our power is to tell our loved ones more often that we love them. And to appreciate what is already there, and not what could have been. Be careful to each other in the coming year 2022, and then … Always! 🎄❤️“, – wrote Julia under the New Year’s picture.

Menshova noted that now the family is not often able to get together – everyone has a different work schedule: “We do not often get together: due to the profession and the absolute confusion in employment schedules, birthdays and the New Year have always remained sacred dates for our family. Therefore, the “absence effect” this time inevitably should have become especially painful. And so it was“.

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