Feb 17, 2021
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Yulia Menshova denied rumors that she left the post of host of the show “Tonight” because of the conflict with Maxim Galkin

18:53, 17.02.2021

The star noted that she has an excellent relationship with the artist.

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Yulia Menshova in 2017 began working in the show “Tonight” together with Maxim Galkin. The star hosted the program for about two years and then left. Contrary to all rumors, this has nothing to do with Yulia’s alleged conflict with Galkin, about which many media wrote.

“I have an excellent relationship with Maxim. He and I are very different, but I have great respect for him. He is an extremely well-mannered, educated person. Another thing is that the environment of the pop show business is completely different from the cinema. This is a different quality of existence in life, a system of values. Maxim is well versed in the atmosphere of a conversation with people from show business. He is with them all on a short leg, “- said Yulia.

Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin in the show “Tonight”

In addition, Menshova did not like the edition of the program “Tonight”. For a long time, the presenter tried to get used to how her colleagues work and in what ways they achieve ratings. As the artist admits, the team did not like her either.

“The editors didn’t like me, they cut me off quite often. It turned out that Maxim was talking, but I was silent. This created the legend that we had a bad relationship, which we didn’t. He never worked in tandem, and I didn’t. Unlike him, I am a person of theatrical training, there is a collective there. You can’t pull everything over yourself, “Menshova said in an interview for a YouTube show. Hope Sagittarius

Yulia Menshova in the YouTube show of Nadezhda Strelets

It should be noted that before the project “Tonight” Yulia hosted the show “Alone with everyone” on Channel One. The show was closed, as Menshov was no longer satisfied with the format. In February 2019, Julia was promoted to the talk show “Our People”.

We add that Menshova not only led various programs, but also participated in some of them. So, in 2007 Julia starred in “Dancing with the Stars”. The TV star dropped out of the project in the third issue. According to the artist, her performances were unsuccessful.

“My epic failure in beautiful pictures. Dancing with the Stars project. I will not tell you that at that moment I was busy in several more large projects, and rehearsed the numbers at night. Because, as it turned out, real, serious choreography is really not my strong point. Although in life I actually moved pretty well, ”- wrote Julia a week ago in her microblog (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. Prim. row.).

Yulia Menshova justified her participation in the show “Dancing with the Stars”

Recall that Menshova began her film career. Her first films were “Go ahead, Manya!“And”Sukhovo-Kobylin case“And also drama Boris BlancaIf I knew“. Julia gained all-Russian popularity after filming in the TV series “Balzac Age, or All the Men Are Free …”. In 1994, Julia, despite a completely successful career in cinema and theater, left the Moscow Art Theater and began her career in television.

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