Jan 22, 2021
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Yulia Kovalchuk starred in bed scenes in her new video for the song “Bye”

19:14, 01/21/2021

The premiere of the star’s music video took place today.

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Julia Kovalchuk gained nationwide popularity when in 2001 she got into the “Brilliant” group. At first she performed in the ballet of the collective, and then became a soloist, taking the place of the departed Olga Orlova. Together with the “Brilliant” Julia released three CDs and recorded about 40 songs.

In the winter of 2008, Kovalchuk left the group “Brilliant” and launched a solo career. Since then, Yulia has released only one studio album – JK 2015. However, today the singer presented a video for her new song “Bye”. In it, the star starred in explicit bed scenes.

Yulia Kovalchuk starred in bed scenes in her new video for the song “Bye”

Yulia Kovalchuk in the video for the song “Bye”

Recall that 38-year-old Yulia Kovalchuk is married to 39-year-old Alex Chumakov. Their union is considered one of the strongest in the domestic show business. The artists have been together for more than ten years, although they officially registered their relationship only in 2013. It is noteworthy that after years of living together, the spouses try to spend as much time as possible with each other.

Julia and Alexey are raising a common daughter Amelia, which was born on October 12, 2017. In the three years that have passed since the birth of the artists ‘first and only child, the girl rarely appeared on her parents’ Instagram microblogs. Only occasionally do the singers have shots where you can see the silhouette of Amelia. However, Julia sometimes talks about her daughter. So, more recently, the singer shared that she wanted to take Amelia to kindergarten and go to the shooting of a new show, but the girl threw a tantrum. Then the star mother pretended that the institution was closed. Julia admitted that sometimes it is very cool to break the established rhythm of life. Kovalchuk also told how her daughter was growing up. The singer admitted that Amelia is very creative, she loves to sing, dance and paint. According to Kovalchuk, her daughter was very happy with the period of self-isolation, thanks to which mom and dad were at home with her for a long time.

A rare photo of Chumakov and Kovalchuk with a child

It is worth noting that earlier Kovalchuk admitted that the idyll in her relationship with Chumakov does not always reign. Julia said that in the first months of her life together she behaved very selfishly towards her beloved: she tried to make him live in her rhythm, which was fundamentally wrong. Kovalchuk explained that she demanded that Alexei wake up early, go for a walk, be in motion all the time, and at the same time did not realize at all how stupid it was. According to Kovalchuk, over time she had the wisdom to give everyone the opportunity to live and relax in their own way.

For Julia and Alexei, spending time separately from each other is a normal practice. Moreover, it is thanks to her that the musicians manage to keep the marriage for many years. For example, in the spouses’ house located in the Moscow region, in addition to the common areas, each has its own corner where you can retire and immerse yourself in creativity. It is noteworthy that even while working on joint projects, the couple asks for separate dressing rooms.

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