Apr 9, 2021
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Yulia Efimova admitted that she could become a US citizen

Three-time Olympic swimming medalist Yulia Efimova admitted the possibility of obtaining American citizenship, while noting that now it is more important for her to become the owner of a green card, writes TASS.

In recent years, the Russian woman has been living and training in the United States.

“I don’t even have a green card yet, and you’re talking about American citizenship,” Efimova said when asked if she could become a citizen of the United States. – If given such an opportunity, then why not. And over the green card, one would think that it would be possible not to make a visa all the time, because it is so difficult to constantly open, reopen. We’ll see there. “

The athlete was also asked if she expects a negative reaction from the Russians if she receives American citizenship. “What a reaction, I’m already finishing my sport,” said the 29-year-old swimmer.

Earlier in an interview, she said that she does not understand those who “hate” athletes with two citizenships, because with a US passport, you can travel without visas almost everywhere.

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