Sep 14, 2022
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Yulia Baranovskaya, together with Gordon, will again appear on television


Leading Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon resumed filming in their show.

Yulia Baranovskaya showed the first footage from the studio of the show “Male / Female”, the shooting of which was paused in February. Six months ago, the leadership of Channel One suspended the work of the entire project team. The airtime of the program was given to the information mode of the main button of the country.

Today the first pool of new episodes of the show with Baranovskaya was filmed, which means that Channel One viewers will soon see their favorite presenters on the air again.
Baranovskaya personally shared the news that she had returned to work.

Her co-host was Alexander Gordon. They became friends eight years ago, forming a wonderful TV duet. At one time, the presenters began to communicate so closely that gossips began to attribute to them a secret romance. But Baranovskaya said many times that Gordon is her good friend and nothing more.

Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon on the set of the show
Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon on the set of the show

I’m with the news – we started filming “Male/Female” 💪❤️”, Yulia commented on her first working day after the break.

Earlier, we recall, the general producer of Channel One Konstantin Ernst announced the changes that await the audience. He said that entertainment content will gradually return to the broadcasting network, but did not give the exact dates for the upcoming premieres.

Shortly before this, the media reported that not all the stars of the channel could return to work: supposedly the show “Let’s Get Married”, for example, was completely closed. The producers officially denied these rumors and said that no decision had been made on the fate of the program.

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