Oct 18, 2020
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Yulia Baranovskaya said that she was drinking a sedative after filming the show “Male / Female”

11:04, 10/18/2020

The TV presenter cannot always cope with stress.

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Julia Baranovskaya first appeared on television in 2014 - then she became a guest of Andrei Malakhov's program and frankly talked about her break with the football player. Julia, who gave birth to three children to Andrei Arshavin, admitted that the athlete already has a new relationship, and the ex-lover does not help her financially. After the revelations, the whole country sympathized with Baranovskaya, and then they began to invite her to secular parties.

After meeting with the producer, Yulia Baranovskaya's career took off sharply. She appeared in the show "What do men want?" Together, the stars understand difficult, and sometimes very scary, life situations that relate to children, divorce and domestic violence.

Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya

On the set of the show "Male / Female" Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon more than once sorted out the relationship between themselves and with the program participants themselves, since it can be difficult to restrain feelings in such an emotional show. Baranovskaya admitted today that after work she has to drink a sedative to bounce back. “Before shooting, I’m not, and after that I sometimes drink motherwort, when there are very difficult stories,” Yulia Baranovskaya shared in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. - Prim. row.).

It is no secret that on the set of the show "Male / Female" Baranovskaya and Gordon were able to make friends, despite the fact that often their opinions about the heroes of the program did not coincide. Therefore, many viewers were upset when rumors spread in early 2020 that Alexander was leaving the show to participate in another project. As a result, Yulia reassured all viewers by writing that new episodes of the program were already being filmed: “I looked at the number of questions that came to me in Direct about my co-host Alexander Gordon, and decided to answer everyone here too - Sasha does not go anywhere)”.

Nozanin Abdulvasieva, Yulia Baranovskaya, Alexander Gordon

There were many speculations about the personal lives of Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon. After parting with a football player, the star is still one, so they do not cease to "bring her" to her male colleagues. Rumors only intensified after Alexander Gordon decided to divorce his young wife Nozanin Abdulvasieva, with whom he lived for more than six years. The breakup of the pair was a complete surprise for the fans of the TV presenter. The host's lawyer Zhanna Morgulis then denied in every possible way that there was a love affair between Alexander and Julia.

Gordon's defender was amazed at the ignorance of the journalists. She called all the news about the romance of her colleagues on the show "Male / Female" distorting reality, and also suggested that the fictions about the relationship appeared due to the fact that the divorce of Gordon and Abdulvasieva was going on quietly and without any scandals, which deprived the media of reasons for discussion. Morgulis advised reporters to watch more Brazilian TV shows and adopt their gripping plots to write lyrics.

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