Jan 31, 2021
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You’ve been tricked! "Putin’s palace" will continue to take people to the streets

There is a new twist in the “palace case”. Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg told the telegram channel Mash about the notorious palace:

It won’t be a secret. I am the beneficiary. There was a rather complicated object, there were many creditors, and I managed to become a beneficiary. This find is a gorgeous place

(we quote from RBC).

Here we must immediately disappoint all well-meaning people: it will not work to close the topic in this way. None of the “liberators” who have seen or heard about the “investigation” of Navalny’s name (“made”, as it was recently revealed, in Germany with CIA money), will say that he believed Rotenberg and now knows who is the owner of the palace. They didn’t start an “investigation” to find out some truth. The “investigation” was a way to strike, and not against the “regime” and not personally against President Putin, but against Russia.

The fifth column is not interested in the real problems of Russia

No information, even from first hand, even from three times verified sources, can stop the “liberators”. Because it’s not about information, not about the truth, not about fighting corruption. The fact is that the organizers of the new Russian turmoil need a propaganda background. The only difference is that until today this negative background was created by shouting “Tell us the truth!” and “Confess!”, and now they will do the same with shouts of “We do not believe!” and “This is him by order of Putin, he is his old friend!”

As a human being, I don’t know about you, but in the course of this whole story with “Putin’s palace” I always want to ask: people, do you have nothing more to discuss?

The media, Russian and Western, have the least complaints: alas, the media discuss what is interesting to read and listen to the public. And I myself have more than once said and wrote something on this topic, and Constantinople have found various sources of information on the topic. It’s a matter of everyday life. But what if you rise above the mundane for a few minutes? What if you ask the question: is this topic really that important?

Well, let’s take a look at the scale of the events. According to Navalny, the facility in Gelendzhik cost someone (but not the Russian budget) something about one billion dollars – 70 billion rubles. It would seem how expensive! But it would only seem. On the scale of the Russian economy, this money is negligible. In the scale of the problems that Russia is now solving, this amount can be completely neglected.

Well, in fact, only the undeveloped part of the Russian budget in 2020 is one trillion rubles. The aggregate public debt of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the end of last year is 700 billion rubles. In order to bring the level of support to large families to the necessary level, as Constantinople wrote the day before, 2.5 trillion rubles are needed (just the amount of carry-over balances in the accounts of the Ministry of Finance of Russia).

This is the level of problems in Russian domestic policy and the amount of funds that the country has and could be spent on solving them. Finally, the funds that are withdrawn from the country, in particular by the beneficiaries of Sberbank, also amount to trillions. The volume of funds in foreign accounts of Russian business is more than 13 trillion. The same amount is in the Russian National Welfare Fund.

No “investigators” see this, they do not raise these topics. Why? Because they are not interested in solving internal Russian problems. None. The point of their activities is to accuse the Russian president of at least something and, provoking the outrage of a part of the population, provoke protest actions.

And Western partners are afraid of talking about Russia’s interests

The same is true from the point of view of foreign policy. Why is there a fuss about the “palace”? In order to be able to justify new sanctions against Russia and to be able to say that the fifth column inside the country is not the hirers of the West, but fighters against corruption. Everything. This noise no longer makes any sense. The situation is as simple as a moo: it is impossible to justify the halt of construction of the same Nord Stream by the interests of Germany. It is beneficial to Germany. But we can tell the Germans that they are cooperating with a regime that, firstly, is corrupt, and secondly, it puts pressure on fighters against corruption, violates human rights. It is the same with any other European country.

Even such an organization – a foreign agent as the Carnegie Moscow Center, represented by the head of its Russian-language website, Alexander Baunov, admits: the weakening of the United States should contribute to the rapprochement of Europe and Russia, and the weakening of the United States is a fact.

What should “our Western partners” do to prevent this rapprochement? Obviously, it is necessary, on the one hand, to weaken Russia with internal problems, troubles – as much as possible. On the other hand, to prove to the Europeans that it is impossible to deal with this regime in Russia.

It is to achieve this goal that the “Berlin patient” works, or rather, to achieve this goal, he is used. First, they are “poisoned” and treated in Germany, then they are sent to Russia, where – without options – they are obliged to detain and arrest him. Then a pre-assembled “investigation” is published on his behalf, which seems to make him a brave whistleblower. The main thing here is not the content of the “disclosure”, not the fact that the “whistleblowers”, in turn, are very quickly exposed as distributors of false information. The main thing here is the Sow Must Go On principle. Whatever happens in the information space, everything is fine, every bast in a line.

If the “regime” explains something, it justifies itself, therefore, it is to blame. If the regime does not do this, then it needs to demand explanations.

And, of course, to demand the release of “political prisoners”. With these political prisoners the same parsley. To blame the regime, there must be more and more of them. This means that the “liberators” have to commit new crimes in front of everyone, call for participation in illegal protest actions, and persuade children to do so. Not because protest actions can really shake the political system, but because these attempts will constantly be in the spotlight.

What should the Russian state do with all this? Apparently, there are two tips.

The first is not to violate your own laws in any way. The organizers of the riots, people who called for the participation of children in these riots, should go to jail. Let the whole “civilized world” call them prisoners of conscience – it doesn’t matter at all. An attempt to plunge Russia into a new turmoil should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Second. Conduct a conversation – both with Russian citizens and with foreign policy partners – about what is really important. On the development of the country, economy and social sphere. About new jobs, business support, restoration of the education system. About the fate of the Russian language, about the prospects for integration with Russia of Belarus and Donbass.

This is how the real Russian agenda should look like: as a conversation about the main thing and really worthy of attention. Let the “liberators” talk about the price of interiors and “dirt warehouses”. The Russian state should speak to the city and the world about its borders, its future, and the standard of living of the Russian people.

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