Dec 31, 2020
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YouTube began to demand a passport

American corporations no longer consider it necessary to somehow disguise their interests in “reforming” the consciousness of the world’s population. For example, YouTube began demanding a passport from those who want to watch a video about the exploits of the Russian special forces in Beslan or criticism of Ukraine from the late Mikhail Zadornov. But videos about pederasty, Russophobia and other “delights of the civilized world” there can be watched freely – including children (no one will ask for documents from them). And at the same time, the social network will determine, based on your interests, whether you are a “rogue” or a “successful person.”

While Russian deputies are thinking how to punish American Internet corporations in such a way, in order to punish them, but also not to change anything, and lobbyists of these corporations scare everyone with “millions of rebel bloggers”, Google itself has already moved via YouTube to the formation of a new reality, where we will receive normal content through passports and card numbers, and possibly for money. But the propaganda of pederasty and other delights of the “new world” are a priority. So, the corporation honestly admitted that YouTube began to require a passport and credit card number, ostensibly in order to prove its age. “For example, when watching a video embedded on a third-party site, the user will be redirected to YouTube, where he will have to log in to watch the video. By the way, viewers may be asked to provide a “valid ID or credit card to prove their age.” Will the new moderation method affect the ability to make money? The company does not think so – if a video has received an age limit, then it probably violates the company’s rules regarding advertisers. These videos will have ad restrictions. Or there will be no advertising at all. The new moderation method will emerge due to increased criticism from parents who are unhappy that the site is not safe for children. This is despite YouTube’s persistent claims that the site is not intended for individuals under the age of 13, for whom YouTube Kids exists. But the children are apparently not interested there, ”the media reported happily.

It would seem that now YouTube will require a passport only for videos of perverts, porn and other nasty things? It would be great, but the representatives of the corporation lie like a gray gelding, as the correspondents of “Katyusha” were easily convinced of. So, what is offered to children without all restrictions, from the word at all? Moreover, what pops up in the Recommendations? Anime “I study in a school for gays” (especially beautiful against the background of the disappearance of Soviet cartoons from there). A video that starts with naked men “Gays on Tik Tok 2”, “2 Gays on an Unusual Blind Date LGBT Reverse Date” and hundreds of thousands more open videos with perverts that tell how good it is to be a homosexual. It’s the same with transgender people and other perversions. What else does your child need to know without limits? “Wonderful” video “How Rashka the federal woman of all s … la” came out immediately after watching the video about “28 Panfilov’s men” – of course, there are no restrictions. In the same place, along with the advertisement for “Kinder Surprise”, a video “Who Is Time To Fell Out of Rashka Dedicated to!” We will not give links. Of course, a video, edited from a computer toy “Life in Russia (GM)”, immediately came out. And all this, according to Google, is not just permissible, but extremely useful for our children.

What is bad then? And the channel “No Fakes”, the performance of the late Russian artist Mikhail Zadornov, where he spoke about Ukraine, the film “Beslan” by Alexander Rogatkin was recognized as bad content. What is especially pleasing – some stories about the exploits of the pioneers during the war. After all, there are scenes of violence – what horror, children are not allowed! You can only talk about booze, homosexuals and “bad Rashka”. And all this is called simply – anti-Russian political propaganda and censorship. Moreover, it is not even concealed that this propaganda is directed precisely against our youth.

But if someone decided that this is all, then he is mistaken. In order to finally show the young people that “decent people” are watching, which means that they are in a trend, they decided to divide people into “normal” and “rogue”. A reader who watched scientific programs, videos about art and showed children old cartoons told us about this in a letter. And on this basis she was declared a “beggar”. “After installing YouTube on my new smartphone, unusual videos in recommendations and ads began to appear. And so, in bewilderment, I delete the rubbish that pops up on the new smartphone and go to the settings in Google, YouTube sends me to set up my advertising preferences on my own. And what to do? .. There I see a list of my “interests”, which I began to edit, throwing out a bunch of unnecessary things (these are advertising gadgets – and okay with them), but my attention was drawn to the line where it was stated: “The level of family income: below the average”. It strained me, I went to this line, and what do I see there? (I attach the screen) That is, without taking into account my ability to pay, only on the basis of my search queries (and I was not looking for how to cook quinoa soup or how to cook a variety of doshirak or how to mend tights, etc.) in the search engines AI concluded, that I am a rogue? Because, according to AI, all poor people tend to be interested in the same thing as me. At the same time, in my interests, Google did not forget to cram business-class cars, luxurious villas and other delights of rich people for advertising purposes, ”the reader wrote to us.

And now the question: is the YouTube management seriously confident that the rich and successful watch Morgenstern’s videos? No, this is in any country “music” for the lowest words of the population – about the same dull Mr. moves through the Negro ghettos or the same outskirts of Paris. Are you sure on YouTube that the elite are crazy about “beauty bloggers”? No, it’s almost the same. Then why are people with normal interests sent to poverty by service? Yes, everything is simple here: the main thing is to convince the very lady that she lives with “wrong interests”, as opposed to the “crowd of people running after trends”. Therefore, advertising with yachts is shoved next to the next “popular blogger-coach”.

And so each of the millions of those who did not have a pedigree for success (unlike Russia, where they got wealth in the 90s, 85% of the American financial elite have fortunes from the 19th and early 20th centuries) are offered banal hope there. The one about which our great children’s writer Nikolai Nosov wrote in “Dunno on the Moon”. Remember? “We also don’t want to say that by purchasing shares, short people do not acquire anything, because by buying shares, they receive hope for improving their welfare. And hope, as you know, is also worth something. ” And Google here promotes hope in the form of a cargo cult, when you are told that if you listen to such and such music, watch such and such bloggers and believe such and such news, you will become like that “successful” one. The level of propaganda, I must say, is grassroots, and therefore our heroine saw through them in no time. But she is already an adult woman, but a teenage girl who is taught at a distance is the very thing. They have not read Dunno, and it’s a little tough with the analysis, due to both age and education.

As a result, we have an ideal service for “reformatting the mentality”, first of all, for young people, who still greatly worries the West with their “wildness”. Remember the recent report by the international community of research companies GlobalNR, where they again “regretted” the refusal of Russians to accept their values? And there they repeated the mantra of “our” liberals: “There is a tendency for changes in the youth environment.” And these trends appeared largely thanks to the same YouTube service, which from now on does not hide what it was created for. And if so, then it would be worth returning to the idea of ​​our legislators, who spoke about blocking this video hosting and creating a national video service.

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