Aug 26, 2022
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“You’re right”: Olga Buzova responded to Dmitry Tarasov’s proposal to work together

A few days ago, Dmitry Tarasov announced that he had offered cooperation to Olga Buzova, but she ignored him. But now Anastasia Kostenko has joined the discussion, and Buzova decided to give Tarasov a public response.


As expected, she does not want to work with the former, since she is not interested in his projects, and the schedule is scheduled months in advance. And then she remembered how for the last six years he had denied her, pouring mud and calling her a mistake.

“You’re right, you can’t hold a grudge against me, because it wasn’t me who cheated on you, it wasn’t me who took away the donated car from you, it wasn’t me who took away your house, in which a huge amount of my love, soul and money was invested. This is not I kicked you out of our common apartment on the street at a time when I could not walk after a complex operation, after which we could become parents, “said Buzova.

And she asked Dmitry not to use her name as a PR for his dubious projects. In general, she is the only way he can maintain interest in his person.


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