Nov 9, 2021
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Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you really are.

Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you really are.

Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you really are.

Our lifestyle sometimes speaks louder than the loudest words, and it makes it clear to those around us who we are, how we think and what we strive for.

What is a lifestyle? It is a combination of our goals, actions towards them, and how we will feel once we achieve them. Lifestyle is how we dress, what we ride and what kind of entertainment we prefer.

Lifestyle is a combination of outer beauty and elegance with inner fullness, style, intelligence, emotional control in difficult times and the ability to relax and have fun when the tension subsides.

Successful people (as well as those who strive for success and devote their lives to it) at first glance give the impression of educated, knowledgeable and intelligent people – in short, people at least a cut above everyone else in their chosen field of activity. The way they behave leaves no doubt in the minds of others that these people are really fully dedicated to personal development and the achievement of their goals.

Everything, literally everything in our life sends a clear and unambiguous message to those around us about how much we want to achieve our goals. What we do, what we say, even our clothes and appearance can indicate to others how we feel about our own life. If we spend more money on donuts than on smart books, this is something, yes, it says how sincere we are in our desire to achieve something more in our life.

And even how we spend our free time – burying our eyes on a computer or TV screen, communicating with children, having fun with colleagues, or, say, going to courses and self-education – can tell a lot about our outlook on life and personal values.

We can quite afford to live better, more correct, more purposeful. Believe me, you don’t need more money to start living differently. To do this, you just need to start thinking in the right direction and begin to appreciate more what is really important in your life.

The fact that we have our own way of life means, first of all, that we have learned to live as only we can. It is a skill that can be mastered, not a state to be strived for. It is the ability, over and over again, from day to day, to fill our lives (as well as the lives of those who are truly dear to us) with joy, pleasure, admiration and meaning – and to do this on the way to our goals, and not postpone until they are achieved.

And don’t think that everything is measured by money alone – gaining wealth does not necessarily mean that your lifestyle will become more enjoyable or more interesting.

Many of us dream of becoming very, incredibly, insanely rich – so rich that we have a beautiful mansion with a servant, and we would spend all our time trying to enjoy the joys of life. We dream of hitting the jackpot in the lottery – having received so much money at once so that we can quit our jobs tomorrow and go on a journey in search of a better life.

We dream of chauffeurs driving our glittering limousines and service personnel who can fulfill our every whim, so that we have more time to do whatever we want, making life an endless celebration.

The only question is – how much will we actually be enough in such a situation? Believe me, in a relatively short period of time, everything that we dreamed of doing after it rains gold on us will become as boring, familiar and invisible as what you are doing now. There is only a certain amount of traveling, partying, sleeping and relaxing in general that can be experienced before it becomes a boring routine for us.

But if we shouldn’t strive for a life of endless fun and entertainment, then what should we strive for? What is the right lifestyle?

Of course, each of us has our own ideas about the correctness of the way of life, but we can all agree on which way of life is absolutely not right – this is not at all the way of life that can be achieved simply by earning or getting more money.

The right way of life is a way that can be achieved by living more … more fully, more consciously, more joyfully, more gratefully. The more fully and richly we live, the more we are able to achieve, and the better we can become.

A correct, joyful and fulfilling lifestyle is not at all a reward for all our efforts, no. On the contrary, it is a way to make what we do more enjoyable, more meaningful, and ultimately more successful.

If we want to be richer, we must study wealth and how to achieve it, and if we want to be happy, then we should take up the study of happiness with equal effort. And the combination of the study of both just creates that aura that we call a successful way of life.

Most people don’t see happiness and health as something to learn, much less something that requires a lot of preparation to achieve. That is why their “plans” to find happiness boil down to walking through life with their fingers folded in a “cross” in the hope that circumstances in some unknown way will nevertheless develop in such a way that this will lead them to happiness.

But happiness is an art and skill, not a lucky break. It is not something that can just fall from heaven on us when we least expect it. Happiness actually precedes success.

Happiness is almost as much a source of success as it is its result. And we may well strive for happiness (and achieve it!) In any situation and circumstances, no matter how sad they may seem to us.

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