Apr 20, 2021
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Young people are less likely to have neck pain if they are not sitting upright

In the study, the scientists continued their previous scientific work on the posture of young people. When the participants were 17 years old, the researchers conducted an objective assessment of their posture while sitting at the table. Now that these young people have reached the age of 22, they have been asked to answer questions related to neck pain. Scientists have collected complete data on 686 participants.

“We studied how people usually sit and identified four groups of poses. We wanted to determine how often people in these four groups develop neck pain. We took into account other factors that can influence the occurrence of neck pain, including gender, body weight, height, depression, physical activity level, sedentary time, time of computer use, ”said Karen Richards of the University of Pictures. co-author of the study.

It turned out that the risk of developing long-term back pain is lower in girls who sit in relaxed positions (with a bent back and head tilted forward) compared to those who sit upright. For men, scientists did not find such a pattern; they did not associate any position with the risk of neck pain.

The authors emphasize that the results of their research apply only to older adolescents and young people. But they point out that the findings raise questions about the validity of today’s standard guidelines for the prevention of neck pain. The recommendation to sit upright needs to be rethought, scientists say.

This group of Australian scientists “attacked” the myths about the connection between sitting posture and neck pain back in 2016. Then, in a study of the same 17-year-old people, they found no connection between sitting posture and the risk of neck pain. Neck pain was more common in people with less physical activity, low mood, and those who slept worse. In the same study, they found no benefit from various ergonomic adaptations that aid in changing posture while sitting.

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