Jul 17, 2020
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“You’d better drink”: Stas Peha proved to fans bald and with a mustache

Stas Peha appeared before the subscribers in the Network bald and with a mustache. However, the singer's fans did not appreciate his experiment with appearance.

Stas Peha decided to cheer up the fans and has published in his Instagram account a picture, which stood before them, bald and with a mustache. "Good night, Malyata", − he signed the frame. However, the followers did not appreciate a bold experiment with the appearance of the singer, and many compared it with peers Alexander Rosenbaum. "Aged for 200 years"; "it is Impossible so to frighten"; "I wish you drank"; "Alexander Rosenbaum has joined the chat", − commented them. Under the post also noted, and celebrities. "That's you made man," surprised professional boxer Dmitry Kudryashov.

However, the most attentive fans immediately found the catch, and hastened to reassure the others. "Another photosaustralian"; "People, so it is understandable that photoshop" − passed they of their idol.

Previously Edite Pieha the seventeenth time was not given the title of honorary citizen of St. Petersburg.

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