Oct 8, 2021
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"You will freeze!": British media have heard "threatening message" Russia on "Nord Stream – 2"

The British were frightened by Russia’s “threatening message” on Nord Stream 2. “You will freeze! Russia is sending dire threats,” writes the Daily Express.

In Britain, the words of Russian politicians and experts about the need to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as soon as possible were considered a threat. The material on the relevant topic was published by the British edition of the Daily Express.

It is about a piece with the chilling headline “You Will Freeze! Russia Sends Terrifying Threats While Millions of Britons Face the Winter Crisis”. Its author, journalist Jacob Paul, is referring to the statements of Russian politicians and experts that the launch of Nord Stream 2 will have a positive effect on the situation with gas prices in Europe. The journalist claims that Moscow is behind the rise in electricity prices in the European Union and Great Britain. No evidence other than the author’s opinion is provided in the article.

Recall that the record rise in prices for “blue fuel” in Europe was caused by the transition from gas purchases under long-term contracts to short-term purchases at market prices on spots, as well as unfavorable weather conditions, the pursuit of “green energy” and low reserves in gas storage facilities. The launch of Nord Stream 2 would make it possible to accelerate the filling of gas storage facilities in Europe and reduce the rush demand for energy resources.

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