Oct 17, 2020
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You will answer for Navalny: why did the EU punish Bortnikov and Kiriyenko? About new senseless and merciless sanctions of the West against Russian officials

The French evening newspaper Le Monde has suddenly become consistently used for plums. Either the content of the telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin is interpreted, then he will be the first to report the alleged names of "victims of new personal EU sanctions." One way or another, but everyone was notified in advance that the European Union remains in solidarity in the field of protecting political rights and freedoms. Therefore, restrictive measures were taken against the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, the deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kirienko, the head of the administration's internal policy department Andrei Yarin, the plenipotentiary representative in the Siberian Federal District, Sergei Menyailo, and a couple of deputy defense ministers. All "punished" are banned from entering EU countries, and their property there will be frozen.

Oh well. And what, Alexei Navalny will be avenged? No, the sanctions were introduced very competently in their own way. Not sectoral, which could hit the economic interests of broad Russian masses, and therefore extremely negatively associated with the personality of the "Berlin patient", finally ditching his reputation in the country, but personal. But here's what is remarkable. Freezing property, accounts and other valuables allegedly accumulated far from Russian aspens are collected from persons who are already strictly prohibited by law from owning such property. In theory, they simply cannot have houses with pools, or large accounts, or warehouses with goods outside their homeland.

Thus, if indeed in Europe they could effectively punish figures simply close to Vladimir Putin (and this is the secret goal), then all threats of freezing would have to be accompanied by a list of revealed property subject to immediate freezing. This would be a real bomb, brought under our entire establishment. And so, again the volley turned out to be purely propaganda, in sparrows. As for the admission of the "punished" to the Western countries, we, for example, remember very well how the same Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, repeatedly sanctioned by various Western unions and authorities, recently flew overseas, where he conducted confidential negotiations with the heads of the local special services ... So for the sake of some important goals for all parties, the memories of strict sanctions somehow evaporated by themselves. There was clearly no time for propaganda.

Nikolay PatrushevNikolay Patrushev

By the way, there is one more nuance of such verbal sanctions. They raise the prestige of officials within the country. And certainly those under such Western pressure will not be punished, fired or demoted. Even if there are some grounds for such decisions. We are a sovereign country, not subject to external pressure.

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