Jun 2, 2022
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You give Europe coal, small – but a lot!

You give Europe coal, small - but a lot!

Photo: Yuri Smityuk/TASS

Residents of Poland rushed to buy coal, despite the assurances of their authorities that the gas in storage will last for a long time, citizens prefer to play it safe. Prices have already skyrocketed, speculators are making super profits, and “official” traders are able to satisfy only a small percentage of applications. The winter of 2022-23 will not be the most joyful for the Poles.

The Polish Mining Group (PGG) decided to try to sell coal at retail via the Internet. And suddenly it turned out that demand is 15-20 times higher than supply, out of 103 thousand people who wanted to buy goods, only 5.8 thousand customers were able to. All 25 thousand tons of coal from the “pilot” batch were sold out almost instantly, the company was surprised and delighted. Business will be put on a permanent basis.

“We are constantly working to improve the functionality of the store, introducing new solutions. The interest of customers is huge, just yesterday, at the peak of sales, more than 103 thousand people tried to make a purchase. The store now has 318,000 registered users,” PGG said.

The retail price of such structures is about $230 per ton, and in the current realities it is very cheap. Almost for free. Dealers already have $700-800 per ton, and prices are growing by leaps and bounds. The situation is similar with heating devices, solid fuel boilers that can be fired with coal (not all models!) are bestsellers and in short supply. Price tags and here are actively growing.

Throughout the EU “coal boom”. The British are going to open coal mines, this has not happened for three decades. But there is nowhere to go, the alternative is simple – either freeze or forget about the environment. Any “decarbonization” and other Greenpeace quirks give in to the harsh reality.

“When you are trying to maintain a balance between decarbonization and energy security, everyone knows what will be the priority: keeping the lights on in the houses. It’s what keeps some people in power while keeping others from street protests,” explains Senior Vice President Coal Markets at research firm Rystad Energy. Steve Hulton.

In principle, there is a lot of coal, almost everyone has it. The British have it, the Germans have it too, the French have it, as well as in other countries. But the problem is that coal mining has been destroyed. So, Monsieurs closed their last mine 18 years ago, and everything they need is imported. Including from Russia, our country covers about 20% of France’s needs in hard coal. More precisely, it has already closed – after the introduction of the next package of “sanctions”, supplies stopped.

The Germans have filthy coal – mostly brown. But a lot, yes, they extract, although under pressure from environmentalists, less and less. Nevertheless, about a quarter of all electricity in Germany is still generated by coal-fired power plants. But not only from our own coal, from Russian coal too. Which is no longer here.

Everywhere is about the same picture. Russian coal and the decline of its mining industry. However, sunset is in the past. However, just like that, with a tip, the industry cannot be revived. You can buy cars, although they, like cars, are not sold in car dealerships. Under the order, and will do for a long time. Many mines are flooded, something has collapsed somewhere, owners have changed, and deranged environmentalists will inevitably start to put spokes in the wheels. Although all these are trifles before one problem. As said I.V. Stalin“cadres decide everything.” Where can you get them if the industry has been purposefully killed for more than a quarter of a century?..

Undoubtedly, in Russia, in terms of coal, the light has not converged like a wedge, we are only in third place in the export of this energy carrier, behind Australia and Indonesia. However, just like that, at the snap of a finger, it is impossible to reorient the flow of goods to Europe in distress. Coal is sold under long-term contracts, which mining companies are unable to terminate. It’s more expensive for itself, they will impose such penalties that it won’t seem enough. Plus, you will have to say goodbye to the status of a reliable supplier, and this is also a tragedy.

In addition, it is necessary to establish logistics across half the planet, and for tens of millions of tons. Somewhere to take the free tonnage of dry cargo, to provide port facilities for unloading, etc., etc. Everything is very, very difficult. Expensive and not very fast.

The Germans have already prepared a decree allowing the transfer of gas-fired CHP plants to coal in the event that gas supplies from the Russian Federation stop or drop significantly. Let’s say. Where can you get coal?

The “peaceful atom”, which could replace coal, was successfully destroyed in the EU, which defies any logic at all. Yes, a “nuclear renaissance” is being planned, but nuclear power plants take years to build, and it needs to be done quickly. Now.

Moreover, insanity was by no means dismissed, moreover, in some places it is growing stronger. Thus, the Swedes decided to ban the extraction of coal, oil and natural gas in their country, and also tightened the rules for the extraction of alum clay.

“Parliament has agreed to new rules regarding the extraction of substances that have a negative impact on people and the environment. The proposal means a ban on the extraction of hard and brown coal, crude oil, shale oil and natural gas. Permits will no longer be issued,” the Riksdag said in a statement.

It happens that already there, we mourn, empathize and sympathize … It remains to ban agriculture, it seems to be also causing damage to nature. And do not breathe, as we exhale carbon dioxide. And that’s the greenhouse effect and all that. It is a pity that at Peter the Great the Swedes didn’t think of all this, it would be easier for him.

“It is impossible overnight to make up for the lack of imports from Russia with production from Polish mines,” says Polish Deputy Minister of State Assets Peter Pizik.

Yes, it is a fact, in Poland, not all fools. However, a fine of $5 million has been introduced for those who are suspected of trading or transporting Russian (Belarusian and Donbass too) coal. The law was signed by the President Andrzej Dudawho has already become famous as not the most adequate character. And for the population introduced quotas for the purchase of coal. More than something there in one person do not ship. Speculators clap their hands.

The problems of psheks, Germans, frogs and all sorts of other Swedes are their personal choice. Of course, not the people, but pro-American puppet politicians. But here let the EU residents figure it out themselves. The European Union is dancing to the tune of Washington, which is playing not only an anti-Russian game. Although she, of course, in the first place. And the peoples of the Old World are nothing more than consumables. And this is something worth thinking about. For all of us.

So far, it is warm outside, and most of the countries of the union receive Russian gas, and oil too. Separate voluntary disenfranchisements do not count. But the energy balance in Europe as a whole has already been disturbed, and in the few months remaining before winter, it cannot be eliminated. Accordingly, something will happen. And something is clearly wrong.

It is possible that they will try to redirect anger at the cold and the high cost (of both energy resources and food) to Russia. Actually, this is already being done, but so far the intensity of passions is low. The “Goebbels” of the EU, controlled from across the ocean, are not yet calling for a new “crusade”, but such a cry can follow at any moment. And they will start with the most insane and disadvantaged. From the same Poles who will be promised a lot of cheap Russian coal.

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