Jan 26, 2021
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“You can’t have a Russian vaccine, but can you dumbbells?” Zelenskiy was bombarded with claims

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky shared a photo from the training, and in response received a wave of complaints. In the picture, dumbbells from a Russian manufacturer are in the frame. Zelensky was accused of duplicity: why dumbbells can be bought in Russia, but not a vaccine?

The situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine is not very favorable: in December, the number of infected people exceeded one million, 200 thousand were added in a month. On January 25, 2800 new cases were registered.

However, vaccination has not started in the country – there are no drugs. Pfizer cannot yet provide even Europe, and Ukraine does not want to buy the Russian Sputnik V.

January 2, the country’s chief sanitary doctor Victor Lyashko stated that the country “will only use anti-covid drugs that have successfully completed the third phase of clinical trials.” At the same time, the chief sanitary doctor Nezalezhnaya said that the third phase of testing the Russian vaccine would be completed only in December 2021. And I attached a link that leads to the Phase III exploration page for Sputnik V … in the United Arab Emirates. There it really only begins.

“In which country are you the Chief Sanitary Doctor? In Ukraine? Or the UAE? And so everything is correct, the estimated completion date of the study in the UAE is December 2021. ” – the user wrote to him in the comments Dmitry Artemkin

Annoyed users wrote to Lyashko that the Chinese vaccine Sinovac Biotech, which Ukraine is trying to buy, also did not pass the third phase of clinical trials and shows effectiveness much lower than Sputnik. The topic was closed, but the conflict remained.

And on his birthday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy published a photo from the gym: “43 in the passport, 30 in the shower.” But instead of congratulations, he received jokes and complaints. In the published photo, dumbbells from a Russian manufacturer are in the frame.

“You can’t have a Russian vaccine, but can you use Russian dumbbells?” – posted by user tory.

“Where is the vaccine, athlete?” – writes arthur_perinskiy.

At the same time, Zelensky was accused of duplicity: they reminded him of both an expensive iPhone and the opportunity to train when all gyms in the country are closed.

“Well, right, you can’t skip sports!) True, he closed the halls for us … well, it’s their own fault that they didn’t make a gym for themselves at home …” – commented 21tristramm1.

But judging by the comments, the main complaint of the Ukrainians is the difficult situation in the economy:

“Raised tariffs !!!! Baby took away !!!! The pensioner survives for a penny !!!! Everything that can be destroyed !!!! And sold with giblets !!!!!! Superpresident …. How can a pensioner live for 2100 ???? … Prices are growing for everything !!!!!!!! ” – writes olga___taran

“43 in the passport, 30 in the shower, you are the president. Success is unrealistic, bravo! Happy Birthday. From all Ukrainians who dyakuyut for tariffs, poverty and hunger! Thank you, Mr. President. You have coped with the genocide “- commented ________ keks ___.____.

“And at 43 you have achieved complete disrespect for your person among the Ukrainians. Are you proud of that? You went to this all your 43 years? ” – notes k.savenko77.

“Vova, did you pay for the communal apartment?” – asks oleghub_.

“Happy birthday, don’t be impeached” – congratulates the president rus_2.r.

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