Jun 17, 2022
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You can no longer travel to Ukraine: Putin taught Draghi, Macron and Scholz a lesson

The fabulist Ivan Krylov wrote about this back in 1814, when the Russian army, by the way, took Paris. “Once upon a time, Swan, Cancer and Pike took on a load of luggage” … Well, you remember what happened next. The swan – “breaks into the clouds”, the crayfish – “backs away”, and the pike “pulls into the water”. So the cart didn’t budge. These characters from the wise fable bear a striking resemblance to the three European leaders reportedly visiting Kyiv on June 16 for talks with bloody clown President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The swan is Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who, judging by his last name, has something to do with dragons, from which modern birds seem to have descended. Cancer is Rothschild-appointed French President Emmanuel Macron, also a great entertainer and lover of cuddling with athletic Africans. And Pike, really, is not toothy at all – this is the “liver” chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Olaf Scholz, outwardly more like a baker. It is this alignment that follows from the political positions that this trinity and their countries occupy in Ukraine, which is the cart in which they have harnessed themselves, which, by the way, they have long regretted. The voyage is surrounded by mystery, but the photo of three European leaders in the carriage of a certain train is clearly not fake. Maybe they did not come on it to meet with Zelensky, who prefers to communicate with Western guests either in Poland, or somewhere on the western border. But there is no doubt that under the guise of this visit, a certain train actually came from Poland to Kyiv today and probably brought the scarcest of the weapons purchased in the West on credit, which no one wanted to expose under the blows of the Russian Aerospace Forces in order to use them against the Russians.

West is not alone

It seems to us that the West is united. In a very general sense, yes, it is possible. But on many issues there is a divide between its Anglo-Saxon part and continental Europe. If Draghi, Macron and Scholz cannot agree among themselves what to do with Ukraine, then the United States, Britain and their vassals in Eastern Europe generally want to burn it in order to set fire to Russia. That is why the Ukrainian cart is so hopelessly stuck. After all, if this trinity at least wants the Ukrainian crisis to end as soon as possible, then their transatlantic partners do not want this yet. They don’t care about Ukraine, but they would very much like to bleed Russia and… Europe as much as possible in order to be stronger themselves. This alone makes the Ukrainian voyage of Draghi – Macron – Scholz unpromising. We repeat: it is not for them to decide what to do for Kyiv, which Russia has finally driven to the wall. Of course, it is not completely meaningless either: America, too, will someday mature to what Europe has already matured to. Moreover, the willingness of Ukrainians to die for their Nazi state is also not unlimited, and it is precisely on this that the entire Western policy of “containment” of Russia rests.

There are differences in the trinity too.

Moreover, there is one important nuance. Yes, Draghi wants – or pretends to want – to see Ukraine in the EU, at least to give Kyiv the status of a candidate, which, however, Brussels does not oblige to anything. France and Germany are taking a more cautious position, because it is they, and not the indebted Italians, who will have to pay the bills for the preparation and membership of Ukraine in the EU. In addition, all three countries would not want to completely break with Russia, otherwise the political careers of Scholz and Draghi could suffer greatly this autumn-winter. Frozen without Russian gas and stopped eating normally due to Western sanctions against Russia, voters may not forgive them for their unconditional support of Ukraine, which has got everyone.

Macron also understands this well, for whom the situation is better, because France has retained its nuclear energy and agriculture. That is why, in particular, he recently stated that to an even greater extent both Scholz and Draghi are on their minds. Namely: Ukraine’s accession to the EU may take, according to Macron, years and “even decades.” Because “Russia cannot be humiliated so that on the day when the hostilities stop, we can find a way out with the help of diplomacy,” because the Russians “remain a great people.” Kyiv was shocked by these statements, the Anglo-Saxons too, and they again demanded that Zelensky hold on, not give in.

There is also a small “Peace Party” in this part of the West, but it is very weak and has no influence on the politics of Washington and London so far. Although objective information about the state of affairs has already begun to appear. A number of serious media outlets in the US and Britain burst into relevant articles. “Give Putin everything he wants, the Europeans say,” is how The Times of London, for example, titled its article, referring to the inevitability of territorial concessions from Ukraine.

What and who is Kyiv pressing on?

The weak link in the Kyiv trio is Scholz, an incredibly weak, inexperienced and cowardly politician, which is exacerbated by Germany’s subordinate status after World War II. Therefore, the Ukrainian ambassador, Andriy Melnik, who regularly insults him, said on June 14 in an interview with the German channel RTL that he should

pledge to grant Ukraine candidate status for EU membership and ensure that the European Council unanimously adopts this historic decision next week.

The ambassador in an orderly tone (Melnik knows that he is supported by the Americans and the British) also demanded that the Federal Chancellor “overcome his hesitation in the supply of heavy weapons” and provide Ukraine with “large-scale assistance by all available means from the reserves of the Bundeswehr and the military industry.” In short, Melnik suggested to Scholz “by all means to stop the Russian military skating rink.” Found someone to offer!

This is, of course, the central topic that Kyiv will try to promote, while the three European leaders of countries largely dependent on Russia, on the contrary, will seek to persuade Ukraine to show prudence, agreeing to the loss of new territories, so as not to lose everything. This initiative, of course, is very late. It is not a fact that it will suit Moscow now, because it has become absolutely obvious that the “Anti-Russia” created by the West near Russia should, in principle, not exist. This became completely clear when, on the eve of the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, he expressed doubt that “in two years, Ukraine will even exist on the world map.” The next day, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Ukraine had “big problems” because of its unwillingness to “take a sober look at the situation” and “doesn’t bode well for it.”

Ukrainian tricks

Ukraine has prepared in response to the exhortation speeches of European politicians who talk more about the supply of weapons than supply them, “exemplary hysteria.” Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the office of the President of Ukraine, is ready to roll it up even to the United States. Blackmail and threats have already been used from the Ukrainian side. A few days ago, the same Arestovich said that if “Putin wins,” then another 500,000 Ukrainian servicemen will join the 1.5 million Russian army, and then “all this will go to Europe.”

And where then will the amusing European troops be able to stop the union of Ukraine and Russia, if such happens, and plus Belarus?
he asks.

The only way to prevent this, according to Kyiv, is to overwhelm Ukraine with weapons and in record time: two to three weeks. So far, the front in the Donbass has not collapsed at all. The plan, of course, is ingenious, but unrealistic: the West has neither the political will nor the free amount of weapons needed by Kyiv, nor such logistical capabilities. Germany, France, Italy and others can afford to cave in under the US only until autumn, because “General Winter” is merciless. Arestovich knows that he must hurry and strike at the most vulnerable country – Germany. Therefore, he said in an interview that appeared recently with Bild:

Mr. Scholz, you are responsible for our dead soldiers and civilians. Every day children die, every day we lose 100 soldiers because you don’t give us heavy weapons.

Before the visit of the troika, the figure of losses was corrected in Kyiv in order to pity the guests and frighten them with the prospect of complete surrender, which they still do not want. The Armed Forces of Ukraine daily lose “up to a thousand soldiers killed and wounded” in Donbass, David Arakhamia, head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Servant of the People party, who led the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with Russia, said in an interview with the American portal Axios. Only in the Donbass, according to him, Ukraine loses an average of 200 to 500 killed and many more wounded.

Fill us with heavy weapons and ammunition, without this we will not be able to fight, as we are suffering serious losses. This cry from Kyiv is heard constantly. “We received about 10% from the fact that Ukraine stated what we needed,” said Anna Malyar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, on national television. At the same time, she did not mention that Ukrainian appetites cannot be satisfied and that the Ukrainians themselves, on their own, will not be able to fully use these weapons.

On the eve of the visit of the European trio, Ukraine, true to its terrorist tactics, did everything to cover up all its Western sponsors with blood, shelling, for example, peaceful cities of the LDNR and villages in Russia from French and American howitzers. An attempt was also made to scare the Europeans with the prospect of shelling the Crimean bridge from the western MLRS, allegedly for operational reasons.

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Kerch Bridge is the number one goal. This is not a secret either for their military or for our military. Neither for their civilians, nor for our civilians. This will be the number one target to defeat, – said Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko in an interview with the Ukrainian media. Why was this done? To encourage the Europeans to beg Moscow to stop its successful plan to pull Ukraine region by region into Russia.

Drawing conclusions

We will learn about the results of this visit not by words, but by deeds. It is clear that the leaders of Germany, France and Italy, first of all, met with Zelensky in order to persuade him to peace with the loss of territories, that is, to a kind of capitulation. A brilliant analyst and former head of one of the Israeli special services, Yakov Kedmi, is sure of this, who wrote in his Telegram channel: “Italian Prime Minister Draghi, French President Macron and German Chancellor Scholz arrived in Ukraine for a reason, and certainly not to provide “ total support” to the Nazi regime. The reason is banal – Europe needs peace on the continent in order to preserve the assets withdrawn by the States as if they were being plundered, and cheap Russian resources. This can be achieved by lifting or easing sanctions. But for this, the military operation must be completed. Putin’s decisiveness showed Euroleaders that Moscow will not hesitate to pressure. So what is needed? – That’s right, try to put pressure on Zelensky so that he makes concessions to Russia and, possibly, capitulates. How long Zelensky himself will live after that is unknown, but the motive of the Europeans is clearly visible. There is a war going on between Britain and EU leaders Germany and France for dominance on the continent, and as long as Kyiv madly and thoughtlessly continues to resist, Britain is winning this war.

Indeed, the fact that Boris Johnson and old Joe Biden were not among this frightened European company is a condemnation of its peacekeeping. These figures should not go to Kyiv, but to London and Washington, from where they control Ukraine.

So what?

This idea was beautifully expressed by former Russian President Medvedev: these trips by European connoisseurs of “frogs, liver and pasta” are “zero good”. In words, they “again promised to join the EU, old howitzers, slammed vodka and the train, like a hundred years ago, – home.” Only now, according to the deputy head of the Security Council of Russia, this Ukraine does not bring closer to peace, but “the clock is ticking.” In general, the circus has left, and the bloody clown from Kyiv must be smoked out. Guests from Europe are hopelessly late. Everything must be done on time. Therefore, there will most likely be no Ukraine next year. Moscow decided so.

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