Aug 24, 2022
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“You are dirt”: the son of a deputy “voiced” what the Russian nobility thinks about the people

The kid went to success – it didn’t work out, it didn’t work out. Egor Dmitrievich Aleksandrin, born in 2000, a candidate for the City Duma of the city of Asbest, is no longer a candidate. An insurmountable obstacle on the young man’s way to the deputy chair was a squabble with potential voters – the words spoken during it, with which many representatives of the modern Russian nobility probably agree in their hearts, but publicly try to avoid them: “You are dirt, and I am a man.”

Well, of course, many other words came out of the lips of a novice politician: “I talk to the dirt as I want, so I talk … Get into your bucket and from here … And don’t appear!” Etc. etc. “The bucket” is the car of his opponents, the activists of the city’s “Autoclub”, who made this dialogue public by posting it on the Web. “I don’t have a bucket,” the young man proudly declares, speaking of his own car. “Well, that’s right, not a bucket: dad bought a car,” the interlocutor answers this.

By the way, about dad. The parent of the hero of this story, Dmitry Alexandrin, is the deputy chairman of the city parliament and, until recently, the deputy secretary of the asbestos branch of United Russia. According to the father, the son turned out to be the victim of a provocation orchestrated by political enemies. Like, the video captures only the end of the conversation, and if you see the beginning, the situation will appear in a completely different light.

However, the pope is by no means an objective judge. And not only because of fatherly feelings, because of blind parental love, but also because of my own, to put it mildly, difficult background. A year and a half ago, on December 24, 2020, Dmitry Aleksandrin got into a similar story. Even in a more serious one: he could not restrain not only his emotions, but also his hands. And it happened right at the meeting of the City Duma.

Aleksandrin first threw out the phone of a Just Russia deputy, Yevgeny Shabanov, and then, according to the protocol on an administrative offense, “hit the base of the palm of his left hand” in the face of communist deputy Natalia Krylova, “why Krylova N.V. experienced severe physical pain.

In general, the apple rolled away from the apple tree, as we see, not far. It is difficult to say what the beginning of the dispute about the “buckets” that broke out in one of the city courtyards was: each side has its own version of events. But it’s hardly that important. Whatever the beginning, the ending unequivocally says that the young politician clearly separates himself from the commoners moving on “buckets”. They are “dirt”, and he is “prince”.

The retribution for such frankness was not long in coming. Among others, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev got acquainted with the scandalous video. And he didn’t like what he saw. “I think he has nothing to do in the Duma,” the head of the region commented on the incident in Asbest on his Telegram channel. “Young people who talk to someone like that deserve only slaps on the back of the head … I count on the reaction of his father.”

The father of the hero of the scandal understood the hint correctly. It is not known whether it came to slaps on the back of the head, but before the party, father and son thoroughly disarmed. At a meeting of the political council of the city branch of “ER” on Monday, Alexandrin Sr. announced that they “two decided” that “Yegor does not need to participate in this campaign.” In addition, Dmitry Aleksandrin asked the political council to release him from his deputy secretary position.

But what a glorious parliamentary dynasty could have turned out! What brilliant prospects loomed before the young uncompromising “prince”! Becoming a municipal deputy at just 21 years old is a great start to a political career.

However, perhaps not all is lost. After all, the main prerequisite for the political and life successes of Alexandrin Jr. is dad. Incidentally, the situation is exactly the same with the successes of many other young, so to speak, masters of life – not only at the regional, but even at the federal level. Powerful dads can do anything.

And with Egor Dmitrievich’s dad, in principle, everything is in order. Yes, Aleksandrin Sr. was forced to resign from the post of deputy secretary of the city party organization, but he did not withdraw from the elections – he is also running for Asbestos deputies: no one demands such a sacrifice from him. So, with a high probability, Dmitry Viktorovich will again be in the City Duma.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that sooner or later Alexandrin Jr. will make a new attempt to enter power. What are his years! But then, of course, he will be more circumspect, then he will learn the main rule of the fathers and children of our “new aristocracy”: in your own circle you can speak arbitrarily contemptuously about “dirt” with its miserable “buckets”, but in public you need to choose more correct, more pleasant expressions for the electorate. Otherwise, it might not work out.

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