Sep 13, 2022
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“You are a sick old man!”: Farewell to Elizabeth II was not without scandal

Everyone was waiting for Meghan Markle’s antics, but she didn’t excel at all. The royal family has long spoiled its reputation with the scandalous antics of its representatives, and according to sociological surveys, a considerable percentage of the British are dissatisfied with the actions of the Palace and, in general, consider the royal people to be lazy and freeloaders living in luxurious castles at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Now, during the funeral of Elizabeth, another survey of citizens showed that only 50% of the British sobbed when they learned about the death of the old woman.
“You are a sick old man!”: Farewell to Elizabeth II was not without scandal

Yesterday, the coffin with the body of the deceased was carried through the streets of Edinburgh so that every Scot who wishes could say goodbye to the monarch. And here it was not without incident. Shouts of “You sick old man” were heard from the crowd.

The exclamation was addressed to Prince Andrew, who accompanied the cortege. Among the people, the son of Elizabeth the Duke of York has a bad reputation. Still, last year he was accused of raping a minor. After such a shame, the man lost many privileges and military rank. The public insult of the prince to those around him seemed inappropriate, the police immediately rushed to the troublemaker and took him away under white hands.

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