Sep 16, 2022
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Yevgeny Petrosyan was taken aback when he found out about his purchase of a house in Turkey


Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan spoke about his acquisition of real estate abroad in the name of his 2-year-old son.

In August, Evgeny Petrosyan and his family rested in warm Turkey. The comedian with his wife Tatyana and 2-year-old son Vagan stayed on the shores of the Aegean Sea for a whole month. Vacation, however, tends to end.

The family has already returned home. And suddenly the other day there was news that Evgeny Vaganovich bought a house in Turkey and gave it to his little son.
The media also reported that Tatyana Brukhunova insisted that Evgeny write down the property in the name of 2-year-old Vagan. It was mentioned that the mansion is located in Bodrum. The comedian commented on the information.

Evgeny Petrosyan with his son Vahan
Evgeny Petrosyan with his son Vahan

Are you out of your mind? Look, our press has already hit rock bottom, I think.– Petrosyan was indignant in a conversation with It’s a very decent move on your part. It is very different from what your colleagues do. To me, as young people say, purple. I’m sorry for all of you. It’s nice that there are people like you“.

Petrosyan confidently stated that all “slander” is created for the sake of ratings. “I am very sad that this is happening in our country. I wanted to see you smart, beautiful, decent, but this is not happening. A lot with a minus sign“, – concluded the humorist.

By the way, after returning from vacation, Petrosyan and his wife went to a sanatorium a week ago. Tatyana in her social networks told in detail what she did in the sanatorium. She noted that there was no free time even to read a book – only continuous procedures.

Brukhunova could not help but boast that she not only recovered, but also lost weight: “The bonus at the final measurements was still waiting for me – 3 centimeters at the waist and the same on the hips. ”.

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