Sep 17, 2020
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Yevgeny Petrosyan told how he celebrated his 75th anniversary

11:04, 09/17/2020

The comedian did not collect guests.

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Yevgeny Petrosyan celebrated his anniversary last Wednesday. The comedian is 75 years old. One of the first artists hastened to congratulate his young beloved Tatyana Brukhunova. In her microblog on Instagram, she published them with Yevgeny Vaganovich a joint photo and called the comedian a wizard. By the way, earlier Petrosyan and Brukhunova shared a joint picture only once. Before that, the couple tried not to attract attention to themselves.

It is worth noting that, unlike his colleagues in show business, Yevgeny Vaganovich did not share photos and videos from the holiday. About how the comedian celebrated his 75th birthday, it became known only today. Petrosyan himself spoke about this in his microblog on Instagram, showing at the same time a birthday cake that his colleagues presented to him.

Evgeny Petrosyan showed a cake that his colleagues presented him for his birthday

“Yesterday I was attacked by the media asking: 'How am I going to celebrate my 75th birthday?' I answer: I did not collect guests, although this had to be done, my day was spent at work in my office, the employees lifted me a cake, we ate it with a bottle of good wine. This did not affect our further work in any way. That, in fact, is all ”, - Yevgeny Vaganovich commented on the touching photo with the child (the author's spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given without changes - Prim. line.).

Evgeny Vaganovich added that his birthday did not affect the work process in any way. According to the artist, he usually celebrates all his anniversaries with theatrical and variety achievements. However, the difficult epidemiological situation in the country made adjustments to Petrosyan's plans, so he had to cancel or postpone many concerts. Despite this, the humorist does not lose his inherent optimism and hopes to please the audience with new performances of his theater soon. “The pandemic, as I said, thwarted our plans, but I hope the next promised waves of it will not prevent us from doing something beneficial! I thank everyone who congratulated me yesterday and those who did not! All good! ”- concluded Evgeny Vaganovich.

Evgeny Petrosyan with his son Vagan

Recall that on his anniversary, Yevgeny Petrosyan first showed a half-year-old son from 31-year-old Tatyana Brukhunova. I must say that rumors about the addition of a humorist to the family were circulating back in the spring, but then the couple preferred not to comment on this information. “And here he is - Vagan Evgenievich Petrosyan!”, - the artist shared yesterday, having published a photo together with the child. It is noteworthy that earlier it was reported that Petrosyan and Brukhunova turned to the services of a surrogate mother, following the example of many of their colleagues in the shop. However, Tatiana herself refuted these speculations.

It is noteworthy that neither Yevgeny Petrosyan nor his young lover explained why they decided to show their son to the public so suddenly. But the humorist's lawyer hastened to share his opinion with journalists. So, Sergei Zhorin believes that Yevgeny Vaganovich wanted to suppress all rumors about speculation around his family. He also stated that the birth of Vagan had a positive effect on Petrosyan, who, after the birth of his son, blossomed all over.

Evgeny Petrosyan and Tatiana Brukhunova

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