Jan 12, 2021
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Yegor Creed’s 19-year-old beloved Valya Karnaval played one of the main roles in the new TNT series “Vacation”

13:42, 01/11/2021

The comedy project starts in February.

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In February, the TV series “Vacation” starts on the air of TNT – a family comedy about the scope with which Russians relax in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. According to the plot, the Belyaev family from Norilsk for the eleventh time comes to rest in the southern guesthouse of Uncle Bori. This time everything is new here: firstly, Bori got a girlfriend, Madina, whom he took away from the coolest local businessman Taimuraz, having made problems for himself. Secondly, the Belyaevs themselves are on the verge of divorce, and this summer, the unlucky Seva must prove to Lara that he is a good husband and father. But his mother-in-law is just waiting for Seva to set himself up. And then the Belyaevs’ eldest son, Sasha, wants to propose to Uncle Bori’s daughter Lyusya, who already had a boyfriend before the holiday season … Here, by the Black Sea, the story of two families will unfold, in each of which people are fighting for their love.

“Vacation” is a comedy not only about romantic relationships, but also about how two completely different families with polar mentalities – northern and southern – will coexist under the roof of one house. And the series will also recognizably tell about what a Russian national vacation looks like with all its attributes – discos by the sea, gatherings in barbecue, beach entertainment, local winemakers, and so on.

The main roles in the TV series “Vacation” were played by Pavel Maikov and Tatiana Dogileva

Pavel Maikov and Tatiana Dogileva starred in “Vacation”. The comedian, Comedy Club resident Demis Karibidis played his first big role. Also for the first time on the screen and immediately in the lead role will appear Valya Karnaukhova – 19-year-old TikTok star, better known as Valya Carnival. According to the plot, Valya will play the daughter of the character Demis Karibidis. In addition, after a long break, Univer star Ararat Keshchyan will return to TNT.

“Filming in the TV series“ Vacation ”brought me my first great acting experience. I got into the project thanks to TikTok. The creators of the series saw my page and invited me to the casting. My heroine looks like the real me, so I never doubted that everything would work out. In addition, throughout the entire filming process, I was very supported by the entire creative team. There was an incredibly friendly atmosphere on the set, it was very difficult to part with the team at the end of filming! ” – Valya Carnival commented on her debut.

Valya Carnival on the set of the TV series “Vacation”

Vacation has one of the funniest scripts we’ve ever read. The story is built on a clash of different types – northerners and southerners; it is written in the good Soviet comedy tradition. The filming of the series really took place in Gelendzhik, we wanted to show Russia the beauty of itself, the beauty of the resort, where hundreds of thousands of Russians rest every year. And we are sure that next year even more tourists will come to Gelendzhik who have watched our series, ”the producers of the series, Valery Fedorovich and Yevgeny Nikishov, noted in turn.

Katrin Assi and Demis Karibidis on the set of the film “Holidays”

It is worth noting that Valya Carnival attracted close public attention at the end of 2020. Then they started talking about the novel of the 19-year-old TikTok star with the 26-year-old Yegor Creed. First, Valya starred in Yegor’s video for the song “Girl from the Picture”. Later, the lovers appeared together at the New Year’s celebration in the house of Philip Kirkorov. Now they are enjoying their holidays in Dubai. “Well, since it comes to that, I want to officially confirm our relationship with Yegor! We do not hide them! ” – said Carnival on her microblog on Instagram in early January.

Egor Creed – “The Girl from the Picture” (with the participation of Vali Carnival)

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