Mar 30, 2021
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Yegor Creed responded to criticism that he cannot teach the participants of the show “Voice. Children”

16:01, 03/30/2021

The singer commented on the words of his colleagues that he himself still does not know much about the intricacies of vocal skill.

In February 2021, a new season of the Voice.Children project started on Channel One, where Yegor Creed, Basta and Svetlana Loboda acted as the jury. Participation in the project of Yegor Creed, unlike his colleagues, became his debut, and entailed a huge amount of hate from stars and subscribers.

For example, in February, Ivan Urgant ridiculed Creed’s decision to become a mentor for a vocal project, noting that in general it is not written anywhere that people who understand music should work in the jury. Then, the permanent host of the project, Dmitry Nagiyev, said that it was too early for the performer to try on such a role and said that at the age of 26, Creed still has a lot to learn. Maxim Fadeev also spoke about the appointment of Yegor Creed to this position and recalled that the singer has no musical education.

Ivan Urgant and Dmitry Nagiyev

Today Yegor Creed visited Basta’s YouTube show “The Question with an Edge” and frankly answered the question of a girl from the audience, what he can really teach children. In addition, Yegor commented on the words of Dmitry Nagiyev that it is too early for him to be a mentor.

“I think this is fake information, this is the first thing I think about this. With Dmitry Nagiyev we see each other every day on the set and get along well, if he had any claim to me, he would personally come up to me and say. I tried to find at least some of his interviews on the Internet, where he says this about me, but, unfortunately, did not find them, ”Yegor Creed shared his thoughts about Dmitry Nagiyev’s words about his mentoring.

Shot from the release of the YouTube show “Question by an edge”

When asked what the performer can teach the participants of the show, Yegor Creed replied that he already had experience that he would very much like to share with the children. “I, probably, like no one else, can share my experience with the guys, because I am from Penza, a guy from the region who came to Moscow, built a career and went a long way: the Black Star school, then an independent school and a school before. I’m not a freshman anymore, I’ve been on stage for a long time, and everyone knows me, and being in the top every year is unrealistically difficult, because on my way I’ve already met a bunch of artists who shot, were interesting and then disappeared. Since I manage to keep these positions year after year, I probably have something to share with these children. This is the very place where I have something to tell and show, ”answered Yegor Creed.

Yegor Creed in the show “Voice. Children”

We will remind, according to Yegor Creed, negotiations about his participation in the show as a mentor lasted several years, before this season, various circumstances prevented the performer from agreeing to this offer. Earlier, the singer noted that he has more plans for the project and that he is glad to have the opportunity to share his experience with young talents.

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