Oct 17, 2020
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Yegor Creed complained that every year it is more difficult for him to be the first in show business

11:39, 17.10.2020

The singer noted that over the 10 years in the industry, he has seen many ups and downs.

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26-year-old Yegor Creed has been at the top of the ratings among the most popular and well-earning celebrities for several years. In June, it became known that the singer took the third place among the most successful young stars of show business according to Forbes, and he became the first in terms of income, having earned $ 6.9 million over the past year. As Creed noted then, this is not a bad result after his departure from the Black Star label. At the end of August, the artist boasted that his new track "Girl from the Picture" gained three million views on YouTube, and Creed himself continued to occupy the first line in the "Trending" tab.

As Yegor lamented today, who has been present on the domestic stage for 10 years, it is becoming more and more difficult for him to occupy the first positions among the stars. However, he does not lose optimism and motivation, for which he thanks his audience. “During my 10 years in Moscow and Muzle, I have seen so many ups and downs ... Artists come, make a loud noise and leave just as quickly. I am grateful to my huge audience, my family of my fans for everything! You are my motivation to be in 1st place every year! Every year it gets harder, because I am no longer freshman;) New names appear, but we are making a long and legendary history! Further more, further steeper. Your EK ", - wrote the performer in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes - Prim. row.). In Stories of the microblogging, the singer noted that his colleague Timati is at the top in show business for 19 years.

Creed complained that it is getting harder and harder for him to keep the first lines of the ratings

Recall that a year and a half ago Yegor Creed left Timati's Black Star label. Relationships between rappers became cool: the musicians did not miss the opportunity to make fun of each other. The founder of the label joked that Yegor was incapable of being in difficult conditions for a long time. And in the clip with Daney Milokhin and Djigan Timati bit off a piece of cake in the shape of Creed's figure.

A new round of their public confrontation began on October 8, when it became known that Timati would become the hero of the new season of the reality show "The Bachelor". The rapper decided to come to a romantic TV project after parting with two mothers of his children: Alena Shishkova, who gave birth to his daughter Alice, and Anastasia Reshetova, who gave him a long-awaited son Ratmira... In early September, Reshetova announced her separation from Timati after six years of relationship, and the 37-year-old musician and businessman moved into the category of the country's enviable suitors. The news that 25 participants in the show will fight for Timati's heart this year has caused a resonant reaction from many celebrities. Egor sarcastically noted that his ex-colleague was copying him: he was leaving the label, recording music with Morgenstern and then heading for the show, where Creed had already noted himself. Timati sharply answered the musician, threatening further conflict.

Creed's collaboration with Timati after leaving the label grew into a sluggish conflict

However, yesterday Yegor Creed noted that the result of their confrontation with Timati can already be seen on YouTube. As it turned out, yesterday the two stars released a joint track and video "Starfall". In the presentation of the result of creativity, the rappers ridiculed their alleged conflict, making a parody of the joint video of Drake and Justin Bieber "Popstar", presented about a month ago. Colleagues of musicians Dzhigan, Guf, Morgenstern and ST also starred in the video of Creed and Timati. In less than a day, the clip has gained more than three million views. It is noteworthy that Creed's words did not sound in the video: Creed became Timati's voice, and at the end of the video there was an intriguing inscription “To be continued”.

Creed boasted of the result of the last collaboration with Timati

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