Oct 17, 2021
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Yegor Creed bought himself a car for crazy money


Rapper Yegor Creed showed off his expensive car.

It seems that after leaving the Black Star label, Creed’s business took off. Today the rapper is at the peak of popularity and can afford multi-million dollar spending. Egor recently pleased himself with a new Lamborghini car, which cost him 30 million rubles.

For two whole months, the 27-year-old artist was waiting to show off his new car to fans. Egor presented to the public a new music video, in which you can see the artist’s foreign car. So far, this purchase, according to Creed, has become the most expensive for him.

Even my Sherlock fans didn’t mind that I bought myself a new car. Remember, I published a post in Stories that I bought myself something more expensive than my Cartier bracelets. So this is the same Lamborghini. Now is the time to show her to all of you“, – said the musician.

Recall that the artist became popular largely thanks to the Black Star label. Creed left the company two years ago and went on a solo voyage. What actually caused such changes is still unknown.

Whose departure from Black Star was the most painful for me? Creed. I was emotionally worried because I found him, dragged him through a long period of time, played a very big role in his career. I treated him like a son practically. It hurt … No, no one bought his contract. There were other people. They are familiar with us, so they asked us to come to an understanding, to resolve the conflict mutually“, – once shared the general director of the label Pavel Kuryanov, better known to the general public as Pasha.

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