Apr 10, 2021
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Yegor Creed appreciated the chances of Timati to meet love on the TV show “Bachelor”

05:16, 04/10/2021

The ex-participant of the sixth season of the project also recalled his experience.

Many talk about the eighth season of the show “The Bachelor”, which in the 2021 television season is on the TNT channel. Yegor Creed, 26, who became a guest of the Evening Urgant program on April 9, did not remain silent about him either. In a conversation with Ivan Urgant, the singer recalled how he himself once was in the place of 37-year-old Timur Yunusov, who in the eighth season of the project is trying to find love.

Recall that Creed was a member of the sixth “Bachelor” in 2017. “It was a good time,” Yegor said about him in the Evening Urgant studio. The TV presenter of Channel One asked how the singer assessed Timati’s participation. “There is a chance,” the artist replied hopefully.

Egor Creed and Ivan Urgant

However, Ivan caught him at his word, recalling the breakup with the winner of the sixth season of the project, Daria Klyukina. Creed chose her in the final, but after the show, the couple’s relationship did not work out. For a long time, they themselves did not talk about each other in public, preferring to keep their personal lives a secret. In 2019, Daria said that she and Yegor did not get along in character.

“But my exes marry successfully. They always have rich partners, “Creed replied to Urgant’s reproach for parting with the winner of the sixth season of the Bachelor show. It is worth saying that Daria Klyukina, at her birthday celebration in February 2019, announced that she was marrying the top manager of Gazprom-Media, Vladimir Chopov. The registration of their marriage took place in Moscow in September 2019, and in October the couple held a celebration in Italy – in a villa on the shores of Lake Como. After the wedding, Daria took her husband’s surname.


As for other former lovers of Yegor Creed, not much is known about all of his novels. According to the singer himself, he dedicated his entire first album “The Bachelor” to the singer Nyusha. In 2017, she married the chief adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation Igor Sivov, from whom she gave birth to a daughter in 2018. Creed still speaks very warmly about the relationship with Nyusha – he says that he wanted a serious relationship with her and the birth of children.

The press attributed to Creed an affair with the model Xenia Delhiwho married an Egyptian billionaire in 2016 Osama Fati Rabah al-Sharif… The wedding ceremony took place on the Greek island of Santorini. In a marriage with an oligarch, Ksenia gave birth to a daughter in 2018.

Yegor Creed with the participants of the eighth season of the show “Bachelor”

According to the singer himself, he had a lot of girls. At the moment, Creed is credited with an affair with TikTok blogger Valya Karna.val. They celebrated the New Year together and flew with each other on vacation to Dubai more than once, and on Valentine’s Day, Yegor boasted of a new tattoo, allegedly made in honor of his beloved girl.

Yegor Creed answered a question about monthly expenses in the show “Question by an edge” on Basta’s Gazgolder YouTube channel. As it turned out, the singer spends more than 5 million rubles on himself and his girlfriend every month. “I spend more on a girl, if I have a girl, than on myself,” said Yegor.

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