Apr 17, 2021
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Yaroslav Sumishevsky burst into tears when he sang a song dedicated to his deceased wife

00:03, 04/18/2021

The star of the “Three Chords” program could not hold back his emotions in the show “Hello Andrey!”

37-year-old Yaroslav Sumishevsky burst into tears when he performed a song of his own composition on a talk show Hi Andrew!… Star of the show Three chords performed the track Fly, bon voyage!which he dedicated to his deceased wife Natasha… Favorite performer of the chanson skipped in February this year.

Yaroslav Sumishevsky could not hold back tears when he remembered his deceased wife, a shot from the show

Yaroslav Sumishevsky with tears in his eyes looked at the footage from the personal archive of his family, which was shown on the air of the show. The host of the program, Andrei Malakhov, reminded those present in the studio what an important person Natalya was in Yaroslav’s life. The late wife of Sumishevsky was the singer’s best friend and colleague. On the air of the program, Yaroslav thanked all his relatives who supported him after the death of his beloved.

It’s hard to say something on this topic. I just would like to thank everyone who supported me, all the fans, friends, artists. I have a song that I dedicate to my wife at concerts … I still want to dedicate it to Natasha, – said Yaroslav. After these words, Sumishevsky asked for a short break and left the frame in tears. Having coped with emotions, Yaroslav returned to the studio and sang the song Fly, bon voyage! against the background of a photograph of his deceased wife. This performance moved the guests of the program to tears.

Yaroslav with his wife Natalia

It is noteworthy that Fly, bon voyage! – this is not the only composition that Yaroslav Sumishevsky dedicated to his wife Natalia. Apart from this song, the star of the show Three chords recorded a track Men never cry together with the singerEvgeny Grigoriev… The widower shared a snippet of the song on his microblog on Instagram. In addition to songs in honor of his wife, Yaroslav also dedicated his concert to the memory of Natalia.

Recall that Natalya Sumishevskaya died on February 6 this year. The couple were involved in a car accident on January 29. The Sumishevskys’ car collided with a tanker truck when the couple was heading to a concert in the Krasnodar Territory. The driver of the foreign car died on the spot, Yaroslav was not injured, and his wife was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Natasha fell into a coma. For several days, doctors fought for her condition, but the singer’s beloved died. The tragic news about the death of his wife was reported by Sumishevsky himself. “Natasha is no longer with us. Her heart stopped, “the artist wrote in his microblog on Instagram.

Yarolsav with his daughter Ksenia

Note that after the loss of his beloved, another tragedy almost happened in the artist’s family. In the next apartment of the performer’s daughter Xenia there was an explosion. As a result of the accident, a man and his child were killed, several people were injured, but Sumishevsky’s daughter was frightened. According to Ksenia, after the explosion, she believed in a real miracle, since the explosion did not touch her neighboring apartment. “Nearby apartment of my daughter. Thank God she’s all right. My sincere condolences to the families of the victims, “- wrote Yaroslav in the Stories section of his microblog on Instagram, posting a photo of the explosion (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.)

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