Jun 14, 2022
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Yana Yass presented a magical track called “Tete-a-tete”

“Tet-a-tet” is a trendy summer track by Yana Yass in the best traditions of popular music and drive inside. Moscow at night, summer, loneliness and… a car. That very state when you are alone with yourself … a dialogue that is so important and to which we pay so little attention.

The track “Theta-tet” talks about the difficulty of communicating with ourselves when we are left alone with depressing thoughts and feelings. We lose spiritual harmony, we avoid loneliness, we blindly rush into events, contacts, relationships that draw us in, exchanging our inner radiance in the public fuss. In the end, we have to pay with our own mistakes and loss of mental balance.

Yana Yass presented a magical track called "Tete-a-tete"

The song of Yana Yass is a hint that explains to the listeners that it is impossible to live, cut off from your subconscious and follow other people’s desires and needs: it is important to cry, laugh and be open with your own heart and soul, breaking the crystal illusions of self-deception:

“In the first verse there are words that” all life is Dogville. “It really is. Many of us live exactly like the heroine of a Lars Von Trier movie, doing everything and creating for others, forgetting about our inner state As a result, we squeeze all the juice out of ourselves and lose awareness of ourselves, but many of us do not even notice this, living in that very crystal “Gatsby’s castle”, seeing that very green light in the distance … And we are sure that, here- here we are approaching it, and everything is about to get better. We do not live for today, we do not live for our own balance, we live for the illusory light at the end of the tunnel. “

In the chorus, Yana Yass tells her listeners how to stop being those very lost heroes of someone else’s play:

“Go ahead, laugh, dance, cry, do not limit your emotions, because your life belongs only to you, and only you decide what emotions to experience and which ones to share with other people. Do not hide, do not freeze, do not let yourself fall asleep and to your heart!”

Yana Yass is like a personal psychologist for her listeners, because in her work she gives really valuable advice based on life experience and extensive background.

I would like to note that Yana is not only a singer, she is also a mentor for spiritual development, a mentor and a bearer of the ancient Tibetan philosophy “Bon”:

“The most important thing for me is a dialogue with my listeners. And it’s even more pleasant to receive feedback that your work heals and it is heard. This is the highest award for an Artist.”

The track “Tet-a-tet” is presented on all international digital platforms, as well as in the official communities of Yana Yass on the Internet.

Yana Yass presented a magical track called "Tete-a-tete"

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