Feb 13, 2021
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Yana Rudkovskaya applied for registration of the trademark “Gnome Gnomych”

13:30, 13.02.2021

Earlier it was reported that a businessman from Penza decided to produce clothes under such a brand.

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Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko have a son, Alexander. Eight-year-old Sasha, at the suggestion of his parents, is also called Dwarf Dwarf… Even the Instagram account of the young skater is in this name. Plushenko Jr. is not very fond of his nickname, but his 46-year-old mom believes that her heir’s nickname has long been a brand.

Today it became known that Rudkovskaya submitted documents to Rospatent. “I applied for the registration of this brand, because I believe that it should belong to the people who invented and promoted it, and, in my opinion, it is clear who it is. I believe that we have a priority right to it. This is done not only to protect our brand rights, but I will not go into details for now. Don’t say “hop” until you jump over, ”the 46-year-old businesswoman commented on her decision.

Alexander Plushenko with his parents

Note that Rudkovskaya’s application was registered on February 9th. According to reports, under the trademark “Gnome Gnomych” it will be possible to produce and sell perfumes, cosmetics, cutlery, jewelry, stationery, clothes, bags, furniture, toys, sports equipment, food, drinks and even edged weapons. Also, the brand owner can open a restaurant under this brand, engage in construction, advertising and provide services related to raising children.

We add that the determination of Yana Rudkovskaya is due to the fact that in January a businessman from Penza applied to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Shukhrat Rakhimov… The entrepreneur wanted to produce and sell clothes under the Gnome Gnomech brand. Information about Rakhimov’s intention appeared on January 25, although he submitted the application on the 11th. It was reported that under the brand name its owner can also produce corsets, fur coats and robes for clergymen, reports the Moscow City News Agency.

Alsou and her daughter Mikella after performing in the show “Voice. Children”

It is noteworthy that in November last year it became known that the singer Alsou made the stage name of her 12-year-old daughter a trademark. Under the name Mikella Abramova, which may look like Mikella or Mikella Abramova, it will be possible to produce, as in the case of the Gnome Gnomych, clothes, perfumery, stationery, jewelry and pyrotechnics. Due to the fact that Mikella is underage, the trademark has so far been issued to her 37-year-old mother. As the media clarified, the reason for such a step was Alsou’s desire to provide her youngest daughter with a comfortable future, because, as it became known, two companies owned by the artist’s husband Yan Abramovare on the brink of ruin. So, last year the entrepreneur’s firms received 34 million rubles less.

We also add that the year before last Mikella Abramova, who took part in the sixth season of the show “Vote. Children”, was at the center of a scandal. The young singer, who was included in the team of Svetlana Loboda, became a finalist of the competition following the results of the audience SMS voting. 56 and a half percent of viewers voted for daughter Alsou. Many were unhappy with the results, believing that Maxim Yerzhan and Valery Kuzakov, who reached the final, performed better than Mikella. Later, the international company Group-IB revealed that votes were cheated in favor of Abramova, and Channel One subsequently canceled the results of the season.

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