Nov 16, 2022
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Yana Koshkina categorically does not want to get married


Presenter and actress Yana Koshkina rejects all marriage proposals.

Today, in the program “Women’s Club”, the presenters discussed the topic of civil marriage – is it worth living in it or should you immediately put an ultimatum to a man. What is more correct: to listen to the advice of ancestors and after a certain age to get married and have children, even if there are doubts about the chosen one, or to wait for the love of a lifetime for as many years as you like? But what about the words about the fact that “the clock is ticking?”

Yana Koshkina, at 32, has never been officially married, although rumors about her relationship and even upcoming weddings with celebrities appear regularly. The actress said that her wedding could have taken place “yesterday”, she was proposed three times – and the same person.

Yana Koshkina - photo from the archive -
Yana Koshkina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And I refused, because there was no absolute certainty that this was my fate. My relatives and friends were indignant, they persuaded me – they say, look how cool, why are you refusing? Do you want to be alone? But I’m not afraid of it. I dream of getting married once and for life. And for that, I’m willing to wait. By the way, when time passed, there were several situations when I realized: it’s good that I didn’t marry this person“, – said Yana on the air of the show.

To which Ksenia Borodina sarcastically replied to her: “You know, Koshkina, every time I got married, I thought it was for life. You can’t guess here, no one will give guarantees.”

Recall that Yana Koshkina was credited with novels with many show business stars – Garik Martirosyan, Garik Kharlamov, Pavel Derevyanko and Semyon Slepakov. But what really happens in Yana’s personal life is not known for certain.

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