Mar 30, 2021
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Yana Churikova remembered how she auditioned for the host of Star Factory together with Maria Mironova

07:18, 30.03.2021

The first musical reality show was aired on Channel One in 2002.

Star Factory came to Russia in 2002 and became the country’s first musical reality show. Young artists were under the sights of TV cameras around the clock, and viewers could watch the birth of new stars live. For the 2000s, this format was a novelty, so the manufacturers, including Stas Piekha, Polina Gagarina, Elena Temnikova and even Timati, immediately gained popularity.

Yana Churikova, then famous on MTV, became the host of the “Star Factory”. The star of the youth channel passed a special casting, to which they invited not only her, but also, for example, Maria Mironova, who by that time had already starred in such films as “Wedding” and “Oligarch”. Yana shared her memories of the qualifying round with the authors of the YouTube show “INSCRIPTION”

Yana Churikova in the YouTube show “VPISKA”

“I remember, I came, it was a complete inappropriateness to the project, because I dressed up sexy. I was wearing a tight-fitting dress, but I lost weight, and I had to show my figure. And it happened in a casino on Novy Arbat. Other people came to this wonderful role. I remember there were some KVN specialists, and Masha Mironova, an actress. Then we were forced to pretend that we were taking interviews. It was an improvisation, a stream of consciousness. This wonderful casting ended very quickly, and we were told: “We will call you”, – said Churikova. The TV presenter was sure that she would not be called back, but it turned out differently. Five days before the start of the show, Yana received a call, and she plunged into a new atmosphere for her.

Churikova added that at the time she started working at the “Star Factory” she suffered from anorexia, so she had memory problems. This almost played a cruel joke on her, because during the first concert of the manufacturers, she forgot the names of the participants. “I generally have a good memory, I have been studying poetry all my life, but because of this jamb with losing weight … And when I had to prepare for the broadcast, I realized that I did not remember my last name. And you can see this shame, after which I almost stopped running the project, ”Yana admitted. The journalist noted that the only name that stuck in her memory was the name of Sasha Savelyeva.

Yana Churikova, Sasha Savelyeva and Pavel Artemiev. Photo of 2004

Recall that “Star Factory” played a decisive role in Savelieva’s career. But the artist did not want to come to the second round of casting in the television project, considering that her place was in the folklore ensemble, in which she sang then. “I was a third-year student at Gnesinka, and moved on to the fourth year, where a diploma was awaiting me. Every year the graduate course makes a mini-performance. And they say to me: “That’s it, Sasha, come to the casting, there Yegor Druzhinin will show the link, you will dance, and that’s it.” And it so happened that the day before we met Sati (Casanova – Noteed.). The next morning I called her and said that I would not come, because I have a diploma and I cannot let the choir down, ”the singer said. Note that in the end Savelyev managed to persuade him to continue participating in the selection. She was called by one of the producers of the show, Igor Matvienko, who assured the future star that Russian show business would not be able to live without her. We add that the artist was the soloist of the Fabrika group for many years, ending her collaboration with her only in 2019.

Yana Churikova in an exclusive interview with “Around TV”

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