Sep 14, 2021
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"Yakuza" and that is better": Japanese readers are divided on the return of the Kuriles

The inhabitants of the Japanese city demanded to take the Kuril Islands by force and angered the mayor. Japanese readers blame officials for the incident. “Yakuza” and right-wing politicians – and they are better, “- read the comments.

In Japan, the monument “Bridge to the four northern islands” was written with demands to take away the Kuril Islands by force. This infuriated the mayor of the city where the monument is erected, writes Yahoo News Japan.

The incident took place in the Japanese city of Nemuro. The monument “Bridge to the four northern islands” is dedicated to the “future return” of the Kuril Islands, which are still considered their own in Japan.

I am deeply outraged by this malicious act of some heartless people who left a hooligan inscription on the monument,

– quoted by the publication of the enraged mayor.

In turn, the opinions of readers on this matter were divided. Some express solidarity with hooligans, while others, on the contrary, condemn vandals for their trick. At the same time, everyone criticizes the Japanese government.

Hooligan trick with “take away by force!” – this is not good. But the moods of these people are understandable,

– comments the reader under the nickname tyk.

This is terrible! Regardless of ideology, it is impossible to destroy a place sacred for our people like that! I hope this symbol of our aspirations was at least not painful, and not much damaged!

– writes mbj.

Isn’t it the fault of our government itself, which does nothing to return the islands, but only talks? There are people sitting in it, only constantly expressing “regrets”. “Yakuza” and right-wing politicians – and they are better than our current officials!

– notes jam.

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