Jan 10, 2021
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Yakubovich admitted that he independently took birth at the age of 16

The Pole Miracles capital show has been broadcast on Russian television for 30 years. It might seem that during this period the host of the program, Leonid Yakubovich, would not surprise the viewers in any way. However, in a recent issue, Yakubovich made an unexpected confession.

The guest of the program was a woman who consults expectant mothers. Upon hearing about this, the host shared an unusual story.

“Oh, at 16 I had to give birth on my own. Yes, there was a case, ”Yakubovich shocked by the confession.

However, Leonid Arkadyevich did not go into the details of this episode of his life.

Earlier, he admitted that he did not understand the reason for the “cult” of his program among Russians. He stated that he does not know why the show has remained popular for thirty years.

“I myself do not understand, I am not joking in the least. People behave in this way on this program that they are probably comfortable. I take upon myself a tenth share, the rest is from God, ”said the TV presenter.

In December, singer Prokhor Chaliapin announced that he would like to become the host of the “Field of Miracles”. The artist noted that in between guessing the letters he could perform folk songs. Yakubovich then said that Chaliapin must first hold a show at least once, and only then make loud statements. The singer emphasized that he was ready to be the host of the program and together with Leonid Yakubovich.

“Field of Miracles” is a Russian adaptation of the American show “Wheel of Fortune”. The program first appeared on the air in October 1990. The first host of the show was Vlad Listyev, but in November 1991 he was replaced by Leonid Yakubovich.

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