Jan 8, 2021
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Yagudin told why he never married Sasha Solovieva

Olympic champion in figure skating Alexei Yagudin told why his relationship with the singer Sasha Savelyeva did not end with an alliance.

Yagudin told why he never married Sasha Solovieva

Their romance with Savelyeva arose in the crisis stage of his relationship with the figure skater Tatyana Totmianina. For some time, Alexei retired from Tatiana, after which he met Sasha on the Ice Age project. The singer chatted that she would be glad to become the wife of Yagudin, but this was not destined to happen.

Yagudin said that he and Sasha met and even lived together for some stage of time, but the continuation did not happen so much, as if they understood something.

In 2016, Alexey married Totmianina, they already have two daughters who were born before their union. And Savelyeva married Russian artist Kirill Safonov. They had a son, Leon.

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