May 7, 2022
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X-Logo – logo pack for After Effects

Add creativity to your videos. 10 Scenes Logo shows scenes for Adobe After Effects with a unique sound design.

Super easy to edit even for beginners. Why?

  • Each scene includes a color control panel and more. Just drag and drop your logo. Edit lyrics without pre-compositions.

Smoothly add your background. How?

  • Just remove the default colored background with a simple click. Drag the background, it can be any media file like video and you’re done.

Adjust the composition to any resolution. How?

  • Just enter the desired size in the composition settings and the scene will automatically resize to the new size.

You can set everything to the new resolution. Use this and save time when you have to create the same animation for multiple resolutions. For example, 1920×1080 for Youtube and 1080×1920 for Instagram.

If you need to create an animation in the same style, you will have to duplicate the composition.

  • Super easy to edit
  • Unique sound design for everyone
  • Changeable backgrounds
  • Automatic scaling to any composition size
  • Compatibility with free X-Motion extension
  • Unlimited duplicates
  • Unique intro
  • Video tutorials step by step with voice acting
  • HTML Preview

How do I get it? In details

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