Aug 6, 2022
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WS: Can Rimland contain China and Russia

WS: Can Rimland contain China and Russia

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Western analysts are discussing the possibility of resurrecting the concept of “Rimland” to counter “hostile powers”.

Previously, this concept helped the West win two world wars and the Cold War, writes WS. The retelling of this publication was posted by the InoSMI portal.

The article notes that at the moment Russia and China pose such a threat to the West.

According to analysts, the process of forming a new universal strategy of the West was already observed during the Middle East cruise of US President Joe Biden. The American leader negotiated cooperation not only as a representative of his country, but as a representative of the collective West, which needs allies all over the planet.

Back in October 2021, the I2 U2 team was founded, tasked with developing partnerships across technology and economics challenges. Shortly before the July mock summit, she issued a collective statement in which she pledged to “capture the dynamism of our communities and the entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on shared investment and new initiatives in the area of ​​water, energy, transportation, space, health and food security.”

Commenting on the challenges of I2 U2, Biden consultant Jake Sullivan said that we can talk about the formation of the beginnings of the Indo-Pacific Union, and the progress already made can be compared with the Quadripartite Security Talk.

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