Sep 4, 2021
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wPolityce: All means are good for receiving reparations from Germany

Polish professor figured out how to force Germans to pay Poles

Germany is sure – the issue of reparations has long been closed, but Poland does not think so. They remembered in Warsaw about reparations again against the background of dissatisfaction with German foreign policy and resentment for the fact that Berlin is increasingly looking towards Moscow.

Employee of the University of Torun, Deputy Head of the Collegium of the Institute of National Remembrance, Professor Wojciech Pole (Wojciech Polak) gave an extensive interview to the Polish internet publication wPolityce.

He believes that although Germany today refuses even to discuss reparations, this issue should still be raised. After all, if not for the Second World War, Poland would be a rich country, such as, for example, Sweden, where the standard of living is much higher than the Polish one. So, if not for the war, Poland would now be a prosperous country, the professor has no doubts.

“We are talking about good-neighborly relations with Germany, that it has become our partner in the EU and NATO ally, that we are actively developing trade relations and so on. At the same time, we refuse to notice the other side of the coin, the fact that German policy towards Poland is a policy of domination, expansion, ruthless subordination of the Polish economy to Berlin, ”

– quotes in politics Polish historian.

According to him, it is the Germans who are to blame for the liquidation of entire industries in Poland. For example, the Germans bought and closed most of the Polish sugar factories, ruined the Polish electronics industry. But this is all in the past. And today Poland’s “ally” is doing business with Russia and sacrificing Polish interests for these affairs. Wojciech Polyak is referring to the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, which Warsaw fought so hard against.

But Berlin sacrifices not only the interests of Poland, but also the interests of Ukraine, although in words it constantly supports Kiev’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

The publication also notes the “outrageous” fact that Germany does not even want to discuss the topic of reparations. True, he immediately admits that there is nothing to discuss yet. If Greece has put forward official demands to Germany with specific figures of the damage inflicted, Poland cannot do this yet.

“The damage is very difficult to define. How, for example, can you estimate the amount of compensation for a murdered person? It is impossible to do this, but some amounts still need to be named, the figures are said to be in the region of 1-2 trillion euros or dollars. I think we should finally put the question directly and declare this amount, “

– Polyak insists.

In his opinion, there is still nothing to lose, because recently Germany has completely ignored Polish interests in foreign policy. Berlin, on the other hand, takes into account only strong political partners, which means that Poland needs to become strong. Or at least persistent. However, the professor is forced to admit – experts believe that this venture has no chance, but he has a plan that will increase the Polish chances of getting at least some amount. This plan is to spoil Germany’s image: “Demand, shout loudly, raise the topic on the international arena”

“Germany attaches great importance to the so-called ‘soft power’, how it is perceived, whether it is loved or appreciated. The Germans understand that, for example, the volumes of consumption of their goods are interconnected with this: if people have a good attitude to a country, they more often choose its products in the store. Polish stocks can undermine German soft power and become an effective instrument of pressure, “

– calls on Wojciech Pole. And it looks like the edition in politics I fully agree with him – no critical remarks from the editorial board followed.

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