Sep 5, 2021
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Worst investment options named

Artem Tuzov, executive director of the capital market department of the investment company Univer Capital, said that the main enemy of the investor is financial illiteracy. The expert told what things should be avoided when investing, reports “Prime”.

The financier explained that pyramids are a criminal, unprofitable and fraudulent project. The expert called them the worst investment option. If the collapse of the pyramid leads to loss of money and bad experience, then using borrowed funds in such a situation threatens to disaster.

“But the catastrophic situation is made by the citizens themselves, who take a loan from a bank or sell their only housing to invest in a financial pyramid,” Tuzov emphasized.

In addition, it is not worth investing in one or more projects with the same risks. “One financial pyramid or five – the result is the same: you will be left without money. But if you do not invest in financial pyramids, this does not mean that you are investing only in reliable instruments, ”the specialist noted.

It is no less dangerous to issue direct loans to legal entities or individuals, since it is worth considering not only the expected percentage of profitability, but also the investor’s ability to return the invested funds.

“If an infrastructure has been built on the financial market regulated by the Bank of Russia, aimed at observing the interests of both parties in investment, then leaving the“ marginal ”areas of investment unregulated by the Central Bank, you are left face to face with the problems that may arise in the process of such investment,” warned Russians are a financier.

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