Aug 7, 2022
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Worms instead of meat

Australia as part of the “golden billion” is an outpost of the Anglo-Saxon civilization on the border with Asia and at the same time a separate continent, a convenient testing ground for running in the “new normal”. What is happening here, as if in a mirror, reflects much of what is being prepared for other countries.

The “new normal” with its “green agenda”, digitalization, energy transition means the destruction of the old model of society and the “lowering” of living standards, while the influence of international corporations, faceless, but knowing everyone literally by sight, is growing at the same time. The digitalization of society will increase until it becomes total: Google, Yandex, Amazon, etc. started as service providers, and now people are turning into their servants, giving away freedom and dignity for points/numbers of “social ratings”.

The so-called middle class will have to accept a significant decline in the quality of their lives and decrease significantly in numbers. In the “wonderful new world”, a person will not own anything, but at the same time he will be “happy” – they will not leave him any other choice.

For all this, very significant incentives are needed. First of all, fear. More precisely – horror at the animal level, blocking thinking. That is why epidemics, poverty, environmental and climatic disasters, viral diseases, famine, wars become the main informational occasions all over the world, in all countries….

Australia today is a world leader in the suppression of freedoms, censorship, digital control, vaccine and quarantine madness. The architects of the “new normal” test their models on its population.

Medicine and healthcare. The launch of the coronovirus “pandemic” can be considered the starting point of the latest version of the “new normal” project on a global scale. With covid, the Australian authorities introduced the toughest lockdown in the world with leaving the house QR codecode and quarantine camps. Late last year, Australia announced through Pharmacy Guild (PGA) President Trent Toomey that you will have to inject boosters from Covid-19 all your life, every 6-12 months. In May of this year, South Australia proposed a new Covid-19 law with fines of up to $75,000 (AUD) or imprisonment of up to 2 years for future isolation violations. Simultaneously, after the introduction of the vaccine passport, the so-called. passport of the workplace/career, technologies and digital skills (social credit assessment and proposed digital economy roadmap).

The result was a health crisis. Although Australia had over 96% of its population vaccinated (one of the highest booster rates in the world as of the end of July this year), by the end of spring 2022, the number of patients in the emergency departments of Melbourne and other major cities had skyrocketed. And so much so that there are no beds left for them. Even then, researchers drew attention to interesting statistics comparing 25 million prosperous Australia with the impoverished West African Niger, which has about the same number of inhabitants. And it turned out that the Australians, who survived the 7th (seventh) quarantine, vaccinated in droves (on average, about 5 injections), died and became infected in the same mass. And the people of Niger, going about their daily business, had one of the smallest percentages of the vaccinated population…

In mid-July (2022) it became known that in Australia is pilot testing flu shots on children under 6 months old (as part of a government-approved trial of new treatments for influenza). At the end of July, so-called monkeypox was declared a “disease of national importance” in Australia. Australian Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said this at a briefing in Canberra. The decision followed the ruling of the World Health Organization [ВОЗ]reporting a public health emergency of international concern related to the outbreak of this disease. At the same time, only 44 cases of monkeypox were registered in Australia itself (with a population, we recall, of 25,000,000 people).

Nutrition and “biosecurity”. In early May, the Australian authorities began the process of passing a law prohibiting the cultivation of their own food (food). A bill to amend the 2022 Agriculture Act has passed its second reading in Parliament. The reason for the change is “biosecurity”. Expanding the powers of law enforcement agencies, searches of property and persons without a warrant, and an increase in fines from $1,800 to $10,000 for providing false or misleading information are part of the new bill. There are severe penalties for owners and farmers for obstructing access to their land.

Since the beginning of the summer, the Australian media has been circulating the topic of the coming food shortage. Say, Iceberg lettuce already costs $10, potatoes, onions and dairy products will rise in price next … And this is just the beginning. Australians are being urged to shop locally and stock up on essentials right now. At the same time, supporters and propagandists of the “new normal” assure the population that soon anyone will be able to afford a real “protein”-GMO feast – eating luxurious plant-based “meat” steaks, boogers and sautéed worms and insects. (The possibility of turning the dead, animal corpses and other “organics” into food additives is only gloomily joked, in fact, people are not at all in the mood for jokes).

'Protein-rich' insects on sale at service stations across Australia

‘Protein-rich’ insects on sale at service stations across Australia

“Green Agenda” and energy transition. Since the second half of June, millions of Australians have officially faced the need to go without electricity “for as long as possible every day.” “About 8 million people in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales, the country’s most populous state, will be forced to go without electricity for as long as possible from 6 pm to 8 pm every day,” Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Bowen said June 17.

Interestingly, the main supporter of the future “greening” of Australia, actively speaking in the media and holding seminars around the world, is the billionaire Andrew Forrest, who made his fortune in … the coal trade! Today, this person assures that many factories in his industry can be “easily re-profiled”, and miners can be quickly and efficiently retrained into employees of new “green” industries, which by 2024 will drive flows of hydrogen fuel. And by 2030-2032, Australia will completely forget about coal.

Local “talking heads” also assure that Australia in a decade can abandon coal and lead the rating of the fuel industry for the production of “green” hydrogen. Allegedly, this will determine the status of the state as a key one in the resource chains entangling the world for many years to come. In the meantime, Australian tycoons are doing just the opposite – increasing coal production (as a response to blackouts on the densely populated east coast), because. the power grid requires more and more fuel. In addition, no matter how much they say about “clean energy”, it is much easier to get it with the help of coal and gas.

Social rating and control. At the end of May, the representative of Australia at the World Economic Forum, the head of the Australian analogue of Roskomnadzor, Julie Grant, advocated the most strict control over the population, saying that humanity “free speech needs to be recalibrated.” And also proposed to “reconsider human rights” and curtail freedom on the Internet. In Australia itself, they are already working tirelessly on this, literally from school.

Currently, face recognition technology is being tested in five schools in Australia. After the news broke, Australians took to social media to refer to their country as “Little China”. The most predictable, “scripted” behavior will be encouraged, molding people into ideal consumers (in the European sense) and ideal performers (in the Asian sense), essentially biorobots.

All this, coupled with millions of cameras and means of fixing information outside and inside the premises, already reads the data, turning a person into a brick BIG DATE. Any “deviant” (from the point of view of the social rating formed by artificial intelligence) will be digitally registered immediately, and in advanced cases, they will be detained with the help of hunter drones. Since real artificial intelligence has not been created, the current neural networks, unable to understand all the nuances of human relations, will quickly turn the life of an ordinary person into a Kafkaesque hell… In the meantime, since the end of June, face recognition systems have been introduced in Australia, the main task of which is to violators”…

Top photo: Australian lockdown, one of the toughest on the planet, photo REUTERS/Loren Elliott

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