Jan 24, 2021
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World’s first arm and shoulder transplant performed in France

In Lyon, France last week, doctors performed the world’s first surgery to transplant two arms together with the shoulders, Iceland Monitor reports.

According to the publication, 48-year-old Icelander Felix Gretarsson lost his upper limbs in an industrial accident more than 20 years ago. A man was working on a high-voltage power line when a power surge of 11,000 volts burned his hands.

It is known that Felix was in a coma for three months. Surgeons amputated both of his arms and performed several more operations, in particular, a liver transplant.

The search for a suitable donor did not stop all these years; during this time, over 50 specialists were involved in preparing for the operation. Four surgical teams were involved in the transplantation process, this helped to minimize the transition time from donor to recipient.

Felix Gretarsson is now recovering without any major complications. At the same time, doctors do not yet know how mobile his hands will be. According to surgeon Aram Ghazaryan, if a patient can bend his elbow, it will change his life.

Meanwhile, in the Kuban, doctors saved a man’s hand, which he injured with a circular saw.

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