Oct 28, 2021
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World-renowned vaccine developer has a hard time

Many of the drugs used to vaccinate against covid are called mRNA vaccines. These are drugs based on matrix ribonucleic acids. These are, first of all, Pfizer / BioNTech and Modern… There are also so-called vector vaccines. The most famous are the American drug AstraZeneca and the Russian Sputnik V. Probably, neither Pfizer / BioNTech nor Moderna would exist today if there were no preliminary development of mRNA vaccines. And one of their main developers is Dr. Robert Wallace Malone

This American virologist and immunologist in the 1980s, while being a research assistant at the Salk Institute for Biological Research (Salk Institute for Biological Research), conducted research on the creation of mRNA and the design of vaccines based on them. Malone published the results of his research in 1989 in an authoritative medical journal in the form of an article Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection… After that Malone had a whole series of publications on the topic of mRNA vaccines. And since last year, he has become an opponent of organized vaccination in the United States. He is especially active against the use of drugs. Pfizer / BioNTech and Modern

Anyone who tries to find information about the pioneer of mRNA technology in the English-language “Wikipedia” will be doomed to failure. This online encyclopedia in the summer of 2021 deleted the information in which Robert Malone was presented as the “founding father” of mRNA technology. Some additions have been made to the article about this medic. In particular, this: Malone has been criticized for spreading misinformation about COVID-19, including making unsubstantiated claims about the alleged toxicity of the spike proteins generated by some COVID-19 vaccines … Malone also argued that Pfizer’s BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines could worsen COVID infection -19″… And on the Russian-language site in August there was a publication titled “Dossier: Dr. Robert Malone – Self-Proclaimed” mRNA Vaccine Maker and Disinformer. ” Well, rewriting the biographies of dozens, if not hundreds, of prominent scientists of the caliber of Robert Malone has become a permanent affair of those who control the information space on the Internet and social networks.

I have already briefly mentioned Robert Malone’s participation in such forums as the White Coat Summit in August in Tennessee (USA) and the World Coronavirus Summit, organized in Rome in September by the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists. Malone was one of the key figures in both forums.

I would like to dwell on his activities in more detail. He almost completely coincides with his like-minded colleagues in the opinion that the drugs used for mass vaccinations have not passed the necessary clinical studies and are potentially dangerous to human health and life. Malone calls it madness to use them in the midst of an epidemic (“pandemic”), which is a violation of the foundations of virology, immunology and epidemiology. He is almost certain that the number of deaths from vaccinations will soon exceed the number of deaths directly from covid, that the fight against the pandemic is more lethal than the pandemic itself.

Malone calls the policy of the authorities of many countries in the field of combating the coronavirus “a noble lie” and “paternalistic authoritarianism.” “Such, – he says, – public health policy in the United States and around the world for a very long time. “… Malone does not consider himself opposed to vaccinations, but he is opposed to people being lied to, not told. People should know all the possible consequences of the injection and make a decision voluntarily: “I am not an anti-vaccine; my whole life I have been creating and developing vaccines. But I stand for ethical standards, transparency and honesty. And I insist that every medical fact is supported by evidence … Adenovirus vector vaccines and RNA vaccines have a common origin, they are products of genetic engineering. The current coronavirus vaccines are still in the experimental stage, in fact, they are being tested in humans – let’s face it, this is exactly the case. In this case, there must be complete clarity and openness regarding possible risks “– says Malone.

Moreover, vaccinations are not the main remedy. According to Malone, the virus can and should be fought primarily through treatment. He himself began the development of methods of such treatment in a pharmaceutical company. Alchemy laboratories, now continues this work in his own company. Malone claims that the American Vaccine Party (government and White House officials plus Greater Parma) in every possible way put a spoke in the wheels of this direction of the fight against covid. Here’s just one example. Malone worked closely with the authoritative American medical and pharmaceutical journal The boundaries of pharmacology… He and his associates have prepared a special issue of the journal on the possibilities of using existing pharmaceuticals for the early treatment of people infected with covid. With great difficulty, a special issue of the magazine was posted on web-site, but in April 2021 a command was given and the issue of the magazine was removed from the Internet. Robert Malone and his associates left the editorial board of the magazine.

Malone calls the measures that the US authorities are using for universal vaccination of the population illegal and morally defective. For example, some states organize win-win lotteries for those who have been vaccinated. In Canada, children are offered ice cream in exchange for a shot (note: without parental approval). In addition to deception, force is used – prohibitions on the work of the unvaccinated. Malone compares such coercion to criminal medical experiments in Nazi Germany; he notes that during World War II “Jews and other ethnic groups were subjected to terrible experimental medical research”

Looking through Malone’s speeches and publications about him, I noticed one medical issue that his colleagues almost do not touch. In October information resource Vaccine. news posted material Fully vaccinated are COVID ‘super-spreaders,’ says inventor of mRNA technology… Already from the name it is clear that Malone considers the vaccinated to be dangerous carriers of the infection. The symptoms of covid in such people almost disappear, but the concentration of a dangerous virus in the nasal cavity can be ten times higher than in people who have a positive PCR test. Meanwhile, no quarantine is provided for such injected patients.

I mentioned above that Robert Malone was a participant in the World Coronavirus Summit on September 12-14, 2021 in Rome. A document was developed and adopted at the summit Doctors’ statementGlobal covid summit – Rome, Italy (Statement by doctors. Global covid summit. Rome, Italy)… The unofficial name is “Rome Declaration”. Robert Malone became one of the main developers of the declaration. At the end of the summit, he read out the document. The declaration is a direct appeal to doctors around the world with a call to combat the lies that have now shrouded the problem of covid and vaccination, as well as to fight the virus with the help of well-known methods of treatment and increase the general immunity of people. The document was open for signature by all like-minded people, a week later there were more than 2000 signatures under the declaration. As of October 22, the number of signatures reached 12,700.

We can say that today Robert Malone is one of the most authoritative informal leaders of the spontaneously formed medical movement that is fighting the pandemic of deception that has formed around the problem. COVID-19

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